Given the Luxury of Time

May 21, 2017, Honolulu-Waikiki, Hawaii

There’d be songs and poems

to sing

while melodies in its invisible wings

carry hearts to wishes

and fondest memories.

There’d be a bowl of popcorn,

and marathon of Stallone’s,

while four feet get romantic,

and while two learn some moves

from actions.

There’d be mirths in the rain,

icings on noses

lots of yellow daisies and red roses,

blue forget-me-nots and pink tulips

on bedsides and doorsteps.

teasing strawberries from pouting lips

and cherries on a belly.

There’d be us in a glorious sunset

at Sandy Beach.

Barefooted, we’d walk hand-in-hand

trailing the imprints

of the greatest lovers amongst us

such as the waves and shores,

such as the seas and sands—

ever inseparable.

But surviving the constraints of time,

We arrive in quiet tears of joy.

Then we kiss.

We taste the universe

and have the dampen earth

in our lips.

In between pain and glory, there is love.

YouTube/Moon River/Renee Dominique


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