My Door to Heaven

A digital creation, December 29, 2016, Honolulu, Hawaii.

Inspired by Nobel Laureate Pablo Neruda’s Your Laughter

Deny me of bread,
And I’d grab a glass of water:
Straight tap, or warm,
Or iced,
I’d be full—
Gulp with just that.

But deny me not
Of your lips:
Spare me sugar.
Spare me gluten;
But whoever smithed the word free,
Is a genius.

Deny of me clothe,
And I’d loose my hair down
And hide my russet twins,
These timid hills—
You love to climb
All these years.

But deny me not
Of your arms:
No winter too brutal
And long
For live snuggles blessed to own.
And in yours, I belong.

Deny of me shelter,
And I’d seek refuge
From the bad postured palm trees,
Or the coconut, or the oak,
Better yet, from the infinite shelter of sky-
It’s for us to own.

But deny me not
Of your eyes:
They speak
Of the brightest mornings
When blooms are still dozing,
When dews linger from serene evenings.

Deny me not
Of your smile:
It’s my door
To heaven.
I linger.
I relish.


We Are But

You and I

You are wind,
And I am but a dust:
In the air,
We waltz;
On spheres,
We roll.

You are flame,
And I am but a wick:
In orange,
We spark;
In blue,
We light and burn ‘til weak.

You are mountain,
And I am but a cloud:
We make love
In the rain;
We conquer drought,
The aches and pains.

You and I–
We are but
Robe-less king and queen
In this love-full ‘dom underneath
The white, crisp secret-filled linen sheet.

YouTube/That’s All/Rod Stewart

May i

A digital painting created on December 25, 2016

May i live each day

In high hopes

And fervent prayers

For the good things

That life has to offer

And humble myself

To best

May i live each day

With thankfulness and gladness

For everyone and everything

That comes my way

For the heart and soul

i give and share

Will define me one day

May i live each day

Treasuring the lessons

i learned along the way;

To see my mistakes

And even those of others

As steps closer

To get things right

May i live each day

Appreciating the infinite sky

The golden sun

The starry night

The love i hang on tight

The songs we sing

In summer and spring

May i

May i live each day

In compassion and humility

For all of my life

May i

February 19, 2019, Honolulu, Hawaii


February 14, 2019–Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!

I had a hard time figuring out, how to express my fond remembrance of this day. The big deal is that I am a guilty “hopeful” romantic myself. But really, come to think of it, why not celebrate, when there’s reason for it? Come to think of it, out of more than seven billion others in this world, you have that seemingly destined someone who brings you a million joyful things in life? Isn’t that a blessing? As corny as corny does, I think it’s special

In fact, in Wales, to profess their love, men painstakingly hand-carve wooden spoons. Their tradition started when Welsh sailors while on seas, labored with their hands to bring their lovers home.

In United Kingdom, it has been scores that Valentine’s Day is celebrated through exchanges of greeting cards and red roses. However, in old days, there was a myth that signing one’s name can rift lovers apart.

In China, it’s Qixi. Although, it is a yearly feast celebrated in August, the purpose is to give back and or pray for successful marital/romantic relationships.

In Japan and South Korea, the antique etiquette applies, “ladies<go>first-“ as gals make their first move in gifting their men. And the most popular among Japanese, are homemade chocolates.

In Denmark, lovers exchange pressed white flowers called snowdrops instead of roses to pledge love or adulation.

In Italy, beating French’s way of Valentine’s Day, young Italians and hardcore romantics gather in gardens to recite and or hear poetry. Some do their recitals while walking, or strolling, and holding hands.

In Philippines (my native country), mass weddings on Valentine’s Day are being held so often lately. But even if it’s not Valentine’s Day, we, Filipinos are romantics at heart. In fact, serenade or harana is still being practiced to this very modern day (mostly in the country side).

Here, in the United States, restaurants and hotels are fully booked in dinner reservations; while Hallmark and florists rake sales.

Note that celebrating Valentine’s Day amongst couples is undoubtedly healthy. See it as a way to keep the romance going; and to assure each other’s appreciation and affection. Not to mention, holding on is such a challenge. So to count days, months, years, and decades of togetherness—is truly a gift. Not everyone is blessed. This is why, dating Websites such as Match and are in business.

Finally, February 14 marks the worldwide celebration of Valentine’s Day: There are lots of myths about its origin. In one of them, St. Valentine was a priest, who violated a king’s rule (of keeping men single) by officiating weddings; but he was caught and sentenced to death. There are two more other similar stories to this; but in all of them, St. Valentine was a martyr. With that being said, should we view love as a sacrifice rather than joy?

Regardless, all relationships are complicated; for the paradox of humanity is complexity. But one way to simplify, is to liberate each other of any issues or dilemmas, and to just celebrate togetherness every time there’s an opportunity such as this occasion. To invest in the good times; and to keep creating memories of how beautiful it is to love and be loved–because nothing is more precious than that.

YouTube/The Last Time I Felt Like This/Joanna Ampil, Ariel Rivera

The Every Splendor Thing

What can come to compare? When it defies time and space, and outwits reasons–of course, we care.
Everybody had a fair share.

Who can discount the divinity that exists amongst us, mortals? It started when a hairy bipedal started cooking for himself. Then his relatives almost bury themselves with their dead. Today, though the hairs are waxed, and Zuckerberg’s announces the dead, but what man felt for himself then remains the same. That very essence never goes out of date. It never goes out of fashion. It knows no age.

An ever deserving title holder of everdearest and beloved, it is ever remembered; ever cherished; ever favorited; ever glorified and honored.

A true beauty that grows within, but blossoms in full when out and shared regardless of season or land or stipulation.

A strong affection that leads to artful expression of songs, of poems, of dances, of canvasses—only love can bring out hidden Pavarotti and Picasso.

A fervor ever present in the eyes of a mother cradling her child, in the smile of a dad doing his daughter’s pony tail, in the tender, much awaited kiss of the groom rushing to unveil his bride—love is always a poignancy in action.

It inspires. It delights. It heals. It fulfills.

It brings joy. It creates a meaning. It puts color to a dull being. It makes life worth living.

Love is a faceless conqueror, who walks on the face of this earth bringing every splendor thing. And the world is never the same.


The Magic of Love

Perhaps Not a Many Splendor Thing


YouTube/Earl Klugh/Love Is a Many Splendor Thing


. . . is the name

Holding on

is its fierce game

To live without it

is a shame

To underscore it

is lame

A day without it

is day without sun

A night without it

is Fright Night with Krueger the invisible clown

An undertaking without it

is punch to the moon, or air, or bygones

An ambition without it

is doomed to fail, L to the forehead of silly ones


is the name

In everyone’s heart,

sure it came

If gone,

fears and doubts are to blame—

Where, where

where is faith?

youtube/David Benoit/Kei’s Song