I am Felicity.
Is it true you’re
looking for me?

So you hover
in big cities
of fancy lights
and busy streets,
where speedy cars
driven by pretty faces
in sleek attires,
and you think
it’s chic?

Then you hop
between bars
and cabarets–
of flashing red lights–
noisy, filthy,
filled with cigs and beers;
and you think
you’re in?

you hike Everest,
K2 and the rest,
and you think
all heights and thrones,
are the best?

The thing is,

to find happiness,
you need not to look anywhere,
but within.

So strive!
Shape up,
if you want to find me:

Be simple.
Be contented.
Be happy.

24 thoughts on “Felicity

  1. Dear Aina ,superb poem .Appearance in our present time for many people is the trend to be accepted.The truthful feelings and genuine substance have no value any more,Thanks for the visit.Sincerely jalal

  2. 100% agreement here! A simple, contented life full of beauty and joy. After all the searching, high and low, up and down, I found her within my heart. How wonderfully you have shared the journey to happiness int his post. Blessings, Alia

  3. ‘Genuine happiness,
    One that is ultimate and lasting,
    Lies only in contentment.’

    This is very profound Aina, coming as it must from the purest wisdom deep within you.

    With gratitude and respect, Hariod.

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