My Door to Heaven

A digital creation, December 29, 2016, Honolulu, Hawaii.

Inspired by Nobel Laureate Pablo Neruda’s Your Laughter

Deny me of bread,
And I’d grab a glass of water:
Straight tap, or warm,
Or iced,
I’d be full—
Gulp with just that.

But deny me not
Of your lips:
Spare me sugar.
Spare me gluten;
But whoever smithed the word free,
Is a genius.

Deny of me clothe,
And I’d loose my hair down
And hide my russet twins,
These timid hills—
You love to climb
All these years.

But deny me not
Of your arms:
No winter too brutal
And long
For live snuggles blessed to own.
And in yours, I belong.

Deny of me shelter,
And I’d seek refuge
From the bad postured palm trees,
Or the coconut, or the oak,
Better yet, from the infinite shelter of sky-
It’s for us to own.

But deny me not
Of your eyes:
They speak
Of the brightest mornings
When blooms are still dozing,
When dews linger from serene evenings.

Deny me not
Of your smile:
It’s my door
To heaven.
I linger.
I relish.



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