Hello Spring


(Thank you Pexel and WordPress!)

You are most awaited

for the colors,

the warmth,

the light and life

you bring.

Bloodroots bloom

in the East welcoming you

while all can’t wait to end snow blues.

Wetland poppies are copycats of daisies—

Azure butterflies are hovering confused.

Rusty, sticky

saps are hanging,

teasing from maple trees

while aphids and leafhoppers

wait for fallen grace so patiently.

New lambs

jump with gusto

too tiny to think of rodeo.

Big Antartica,

be gayo!

Mountains sing

flourishing in hues of green and pink;

While cascading rainbows of tulips,

hydrangeas, and daffodils

groove and stun in fields.

Nature bids farewell

to snows

and winter chills.