Caught Between the Moon and B. C.


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Quick press on home to summon Siri:

“Best of the City,”

From Google to cherished faculties:


degrees in Capilano Bridge at six-thirty,

to find the greenest spot for selfie.

It’s quite a challenge for two ordinary

Orientals to take the best selfies:

One so tall and one too tiny—

stick ain’t gonna work really.

Roasted pistachios, cashews, and hickories

to feed the fur flies at Stanley

and him, who is genuinely happy.

When the violin plays as Gondola reaches Grouse summit,

her joy is brighter than all of the lights in the city.

A walk at cobblestoned Gassy

ended at the clock tower

with busses here and there

—and lots of “crazy.”

YouTube/Burt Bacharach/Arthur’s Theme