As Four Go By


Four feet:
Two smell brie,
Two smell malt.
They walk
Upon turquoise water,
Upon white sandy beach,
Upon emerald fields,
Upon umber hills.
Four arcs so warm
Turn earth to juniper and brown.

Four lips
Write story
After story
In brevity:
About a quest for sweet and glory,
About a quest of quivering bodies,
In a subtle case
Of an aggravated ache
By two notorious romantic
Over kisses so prolific.

Four ears
Turn exclusive;
So tune—
To racing heart beats,
To om,
To um,
To oh,
To ah, voila!
Grandpa! grandma!

Featured Song: As Time Goes By
by Frank Sinatra

Originally by Sam (Dooley Wilson)

(Videos courtesy of YouTube)




Sages Have Spoken


I am a thing. Though barely living. . .


The air

That I can never see

Does not make me folly.

Sages have spoken:

To make the most out of sun.

Do not be so into moon—

It is in and out too soon.

To pursue much

When there’s light;

To yield and rest

In the stillness of night.

The bright, longer, warmer days of summers

Will pass, even lovers do–

All head to the next chapter

When things are through.

Comes autumn; comes mellow.

There’s so much to learn

From the falling leaves

That put arts in their sorrow.

Then there’s winter,

A time to pull

And enjoy the best pajamas:

To tuck, cozy up, and wind down the dramas.

Alas, comes spring!

Oh the grandeur, earth endured:

Come forth the blossoms,

The buds, the green, the hope it brings!

An Ode to Old


The sun
may call in sick sometime,

Gray clouds
may permeate for days without a sign,

But rain
or shine,

The skies
though in great heights apart
remain faithful to seas–keepers of wishes and memories–
all the time.

Knitted words
may sound obtuse,

Stringing notes
may be low and loose,

But be
in FM or iTunes, an old song will play,

And eyes
will end in haze
for an old feeling
about to resurface.

Photographs, letters
may end up in pieces,

Promises, vows
may be broken,

But to
memories all real are bound and committed,

They are
the dwellers of pillows
and old songs
keepers listen.

Featured Song: Old Songs,
by Barry Manilow

(Courtesy of YouTube)


With Fear,


I can never be somebody–not even a germ.

I can always be under anybody–unworthy of nobody.

A dust can bury me alive.

A gasp can blow me and strip me of dignity.

Casper can question my character.

Poltergeist can mock my existence.

A tear can wash away my dreams.

A frown can bring me to my knees.

Fear is. . .

. . . the smith of our Pinocchio lives perfect-fitting caskets to our own demise.

. . . the root of all hate.

The father of all evils. . .

The mother of all falterings. . .

. . . making peace impossible. . .

. . . making love fail. . .

. . . the worst disease of our minds;

. . . the very norm in the wilds.

Fear is the only enemy of mankind.

World could have been a better place,

If only fear didn’t get in our ways.

So Long, Summer


Red roses wilt as fervor gone.

Blooms of purple,

Blooms of yellow,

Of lavenders and sunflowers turn pale and mellow—

Fading hues of sad meadows.

The Midnight Sun’s a tease,

Leaving night navy skies a lot to miss;

Leaving farthest northerners

Wistful and down.

Who never needed a clown?

The Arctic Light is quick to leave

When Sunrise meet Sunset,

For weeks, the skies can’t sleep.

In love?

In debt? That’s what people think.

Goats abandoned Southwest Morocco,

Through feasting;

Through with Argan trees.

In agony: jaws and vestigial toes.

Hope is a keeper; Sorrows come and go.

So long Summer

So long. . .

Arms spread

In oblation,

To autumn, I say ‘hello!’


(Courtesy of YouTube)

The Ballad of Fall


In scarlet, rust, and gold,
Stunners come forth in woods and roads
Enduring stories of grace in death unfold:
Humility is a thing of beauty—behold!

Meek polyps in pink, white, and light orange
Sway to the noteless music of ocean water
Following Luna so bright and gay:
Coral spawning is underway.

Bonfire, fireplace,
And warm embrace:
Comfort is in the air.
Doses of love are meant to be shared.

Pumpkins take the spotlight on Halloween
And Thanksgiving.
Vibrant beets, beans, and peas—
Harvest brings peace.

Brave snow geese pack the flock from Arctic Tundra,
Off to the greener pastures of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida.
Casanovas in disguise, monarch butterflies bid sweet goodbye to Canada,
Take a joy ride in the air, hello California!

Tales of change in acoustic
Strumming, playing free of remorse,
Seizing the day—
Nature is bold taking place.



(Courtesy of YouTube)