In This Paradise Called Hawaii

In this Paradise

A third-placer in UH-KCC’s Slam Poetry Contest of Spring 2012.


In this paradise called Hawaii,
people are warm and friendly.
Aloha lives in everyone
and everything that breathes.

In this paradise,
the wind blows kindness,
and the sun
shines at its brightest.

In this paradise,
the birds fly so carefree,
and all fishes, be big or small
they swim so swiftly.

In this paradise,
flowers, plants and trees
grow so amazingly,
that with or without the sun,
they all look so pretty.

In this paradise,
mountains and valleys
look so mighty,
they seem like gods to me
protecting the islands
and our people
from all predators and evils

In this paradise,
the ocean is healing,
and the sky is promising;
Rainbows are everywhere,
seemingly assuring everyone
of God’s love and promises.

In this paradise,
the moon and the stars
look so enchanting,
for they glow
even on the darkest nights

In this paradise,
all kama’ainas embrace diversity;
Enabling everybody
to live with pride and dignity.

In this paradise,
the Keikis are like birds;
they sing and dance so carefree
their parents need not to worry
about their safety.

In this paradise,
love and humility
are served at their best;
Big smiles and warm hugs,
are freely given
even to all islands’ guests.

In this paradise,
all good things happened to me;
I was blessed with so much love,
Peace, hope, and serenity.

I thank you God for bringing me here,
In this paradise called Hawaii,
where I can live;
I can love;
I can dream,
and be the best
that I can be.

And there’s no place
I’d rather be
than in this paradise called Hawaii;
my home sweet home,
that brought out
the best in me!

Mahalo nui loa, Hawai’i!

30 thoughts on “In This Paradise Called Hawaii

  1. Your words are indeed soothing, as they bring forth the memories of the banana trees, the pineapple fields, the north shore, the sugar cane fields, the sunrises and the sunsets crafted by God, the afternoon showers in Mililani Towns and all those whom i came to love in Oahu. Yes it is very true, and so very beautiful every day that i was there! Your words embrace my heart…Mahalo!

  2. I dream of living in Hawaii every miserable winter day! I hate the cold, clouds, snow, wind, etc.

    The beauty of Hawaii haunts me and I long to live there six months out of the year. I hear it is very hot the other six months and it is Paradise here where I live during those six months.

    The thing that I remember most vividly was the heavenly aroma of the flowers in bloom; it was like being in Paradise.

      • I remember the sweet rains and then the rainbows; the Hawaiians called the rain “papaya”.
        Oh, how I long to live there. But the medical part is spooky, the country where I live has universal medical for all the citizens. The US is not as advanced that way. And I hear that medical is very expensive in Hawaii.

        • Indeed, expensive! Actually, everything here is expensive. Although the food, the water, the air, everything is fresh and healthy! 😊 Denmark they have good medical coverages for everybody.

  3. Aloha from Toulouse, France, “old Europe”! 🙂 Glad to have come across your wonderful blog! Lucky you, I miss Hawaii sooo much! I visited Oahu&Big Island in 2000 while we still lived in Houston, TX(NASA-area)… I do hope to return there some day and to visit the other islands… Paradise on Earth! 🙂 My very best, good luck in all your endeavours & have a great day!

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