I Thank God for My People


The true fortune of a man

are the friends who choose

to be with him

when they can be somewhere

else around.

People pay

the apt and agile

to get things done.

People pay

the brightest and freshest minds

for ideas, perspectives and beyond.

People pay

for the expertise

they lack.


“people need people.”

Who doesn’t need people?

And friends,

they’re simply people–

the best of them all.

To cut the sentimental,

middle-aged lady’s going

endless musing:

I thank God

for those generous souls

who opt to be my people.

I am humbled

to have you all.

To Be a Friend Ever


It’s a kindling thing–

One must have done

something good

to earn the title.

And or

one have done

such good

over the course of time

or experience.

Because to have

another set of eyes,

an extra pair of hands and feet,

a reserve of mind, heart,

and soul–

more so, more. . .

It always helps.

So to have–

whether it’s a feel

or just thoughts–

of having one with you

as you ride

the rough waves

and gusty winds

of life,

is a gift

ever from above.

And nothing from above

ever is little.

In doubt?

Ever check the sky.

YouTube/That’s What Friends Are For/Perry Como

YouTube/That’s What Friends Are For/Ladies of Soul