We Thrive



Our bodies face north:
They speak of a sound direction, of a purpose, of a meaningful journey.
Our eyes look ahead;
They see something not around, perhaps a vision, perhaps a vocation, perhaps a devotion.
Our hearts and lungs work hand-in-hand:
They collaborate for our greatest sustenance.
Our feet are grounded:
They bring us to places, to stand, to balance.
Our heads, above all else;
They set the tone to tell our tales.
So we dare to be alone;
If past is our only choice for companion.
So we move forward
As faith and hope get us covered.
So we pause.
So we rest.
Then we hope;
Then we thrive-
Doing our best
In pursuit of happiness.



We Thrive


Why Do I Love Blogging

I am blogging for quite sometime now. But what comes with experience are encounters with the dark side of the virtual world. To name a few: plagiarism (someone are using lines from my poems and essays), encounters with two conmans (who like and unlike my posts), another con artist (who claimed her brother was dying and sought ways and help to make the latter happy), a cynic (who questioned my love for my home state, Hawai’i), another cynic (who accused me of being desperate to gain attention and labeled me as a prolific liker). But amid all those challenges, I never lose faith that there’s virtue in what we are doing here, in the blogosphere.

Indeed, I never lose faith because, I see the Internet not just the best ingenuity of humanity; but, likewise, it opens massive opportunities to everyone. Topping it all, the Internet is continuously revolutionizing our lives. It connects us like never before. On blogging, it empowers us, bloggers to improve our societies and to serve our communities. It liberate us from our challenges. It’s directing/teaching us to embrace diversity as we learn each other’s culture. With that being said, we are healing the world from the deep wounds of prejudices, divisiveness, and cynicism.

On plagiarism, although words can be plagiarized, note that our thought process that is manifested in our respective work products is exclusive to us. Likewise, the heart and soul we put and invest in every post is unique and distinctive to us as well.

On conmans and con artist, fools may create web of lies and engage in deceptive practices. However, truth is invincible. And it is relentless in its pursuit for righteousness. It will prevail.

On cynics, I respect everyone’s opinions of me. It is with humility that I accept: We simply can’t win everybody. Most importantly, I believe that there’s goodness in everyone and we can learn from each other. And so, I take anyone’s critique of me as a challenge to work harder in improving myself; and, to let my words and deeds speak for me.

To end, none of those challenges can discourage me from blogging and writing. I know myself. My focus is not on any numbers; not on any negativity, but on the type of content that I am sharing. Lastly, I am thankful and humbled for all the support I received from the community. Most importantly, I am so proud of my fellow bloggers who pursue their passions and share their amazing talents and journeys to the world. And I believe our beloved community, the blogosphere is making a difference through collaboration, camaraderie and more. We are humanizing the World Wide Web (which could have been purely digital and commercialized) through our most profound personal ways. It’s very humbling.

YouTube/Heal the World/Michael Jackson

Be Encouraged

By Max Ehrmann ©️ 1927


. . . to strive for ideals and aspirations

With no fear and hesitation;

For though you’re born with imperfections,

Every courageous step you take

To better yourself

Is a heroism that speaks for itself.


. . . to stand for a cause

And work your way

To be at the right side of history—

Not for applause–nor for any sort of pressure–

But to take stance for what is fair and just

For it is everyone’s moral responsibility

To take part in creating a better world.


. . . to love

Amid hate;

To be humble

Amid bigotry and boastfulness

For even in the midst of darkness

Goodness will prevail

As a beacon of truth

That no one can defy.


. . . to be happy

even in the midst of strife.

For although life

May seem cruel at times,

You have countless of blessings

From which you can draw your strength

And pin your hopes.

Have faith for the bright mornings ahead

and sunny tomorrows.


Cherish life,

Because you are a gift

In the eyes of your Creator;

And that you matter—

Regardless of your ideology,

Or the color of your skin,

Or the language you speak.


So be encouraged

To find your purpose;

To live your best life.

So Long Summer

(Originally posted September 5, 2018)
Red roses wilt as fervor gone.

Blooms of purple,

Blooms of yellow,

. . . lavenders and sunflowers–they turn pale and mellow.

In display are the fading hues of sad meadows.


The Midnight Sun’s a tease,

Leaving night navy skies a lot to miss.

Leaving farthest northerners

Wistful and down-

Who never needed a clown?


The Arctic Light is quick to leave.

When will Sunrise meet Sunset–

For billion years the skies ponder, it can’t sleep.

In debt?

In love? The last seems likely, I think.


Goats abandoned Southwest Morocco:

Through feasting,

Through with argan trees–

For in agony are jaws and vestigial toes.

Hope is a keeper; Sorrows come and go.


So long Summer,

So long.

My arms spread

In oblation: Own me heavenly Dad.

To autumn, I am ready to say hello.


(Courtesy of YouTube)

Beyond Our Senses


Each of us is blessed with a pair of eyes to see the beauties around us.

Each of us is blessed with a pair of ears to hear the melodies of chirping birds and listen to music and spoken words of others.

Each of us is blessed with a nose to smell the crisp scent of nature.

Each of us is blessed with a tongue to taste the sweetness of fruits of various trees and shrubs.

Each of us is blessed with a distinct voice to speak and be heard.

Each of us is blessed with a pair of hands to hold a delightful bambino in our arms, to embrace friends and loved ones.

Each of us is blessed with a throbbing heart, to love and be compassionate. And to have it as the core of our being—our basis—one that is free from prejudice—in seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, speaking and feeling all things in the most meaningful ways.

Because. . .

The beauties of other living things exude by simply being themselves.

The melodies of chirping birds are harmonized by their free-spirit. While music is a deeper way to speak to one’s soul. And, when we listen to others, we are doing more of ourselves a favor by achieving greater understanding.

The crisp, fresh scent of nature is filtering the earth from all toxicities.

The sweetness of fruits from trees and shrubs is caused by their resiliency and inner strength.

The distinctness of our voice is needed to create a better world.

The gentle and endearing ways of carrying a precious newborn are the same ways we should always regard and cherish life. And embrace is the most achievable way to share the warmth of our loving human spirits.

And more than our organs of sensory, each of us is blessed with a brain, a mind to critically think as we strive to put our senses in good use and our resources vested to a common good.

Because we can always do better.



. . . is seeing the sun so bright

amid the raging storm,

and in absence of light.

. . . is a clenched-fist, a stronghold

on knowing that something good,

and better, and best is ahead.

And the lack of it

is fate–

A punishment to oneself.

And a hopeless person is

the epitome

of pathetic.

. . . been there;

done that.

Hope, I keep up.

YouTube/Sergio Mendes/Rainbow’s End

And You Grow

Pick a pen;

Scribble every now and then,

To be understood

As much as you can.

But take time to listen

And hear the other end;

To learn and blend–

And perhaps win a friend.

Open your mouth in needed occasions;

Fearlessly, speak your thoughts and insights and visions

With no inhibition–

To let your voice be heard is a noble mission.

But find a way to solitude:

A moment with books is always good.

A moment of silence can tune

Your mind and soul.

And you grow.

YouTube/Summer Wind/Lyle Lovett

With Heartfelt Thanks

(updated at 1:25 P.M., July 5, 2020) I’ve been blogging since 2006. However, back then, I wasn’t so active here on WordPress, because I was submitting contents at Yahoo as a contributor. But in 2012, a huge part of my world evolved in blogging amid busy schedules at work and school. Thus, in such span of time, I met so many fellow bloggers, and only few ended as my close friends. Although, I’m so thankful to this day that those few still support me; there’s a part of me that’s hurting for the great others I lost touch with, knowing my inability to reciprocate to everyone’s likes and comments, (and perhaps my addiction to love poems and songs) had pushed people away. My bad–I know. Forgive me.

But please don’t get me wrong, I’m not bothered by any numbers at all (I survived the hell of nothingness—without the slightest bitterness). Because to me, one follower alone means so much already. It’s inspiring and very encouraging that someone believes in you, and/or appreciates you.

With all honesty, what’s hurting me, is perhaps the guilt knowing I offended good people by either falling short in reciprocity, or in standards, or in both. Thankfully, through prayers and meditation, I’m on my way of achieving peace of mind. I keep reminding myself that our hearts are not sewers to hold angst and grudges. So, now, what I do, is I go to their Sites, and I read their posts without making my presence obvious.

One moral lesson to keep: losing a friend is just as painful as losing a lover. The pain is not in zero ROI (return of investment) for the emotions we invested; but in the melancholy of goodbye.

Please note that friendship is different from readership. We need not to worry about the latter, because the Internet is not going anywhere. For as long as we blog with passion and enthusiasm, and we earnestly keep our blogs up, readership is guaranteed. Let us motivate ourselves not by any numerical measures; rather, feel empowered–yet humbled–of the privilege having a voice to speak before the World Wide Web.

On friendship, losing a friend, is like losing a limb. With that being said, honestly, right now, I’m a bit “crippling;” but not broken. Because again, I put my hopes and faith in prayers that I may heal. Time is a great companion when it comes to the journey of healing. And sense of gratitude is the key–it’s liberating.

To end, thank you for your generosity! I am humbled by your gracious presence in my Site. Pardon me for falling short often in reciprocating your kindness. Always know that I’m proud of y’all for keeping your blogs up. Because, it’s one hell of a task to make this Internet humane—and you are all doing a great job! Oorah!

To those kind souls I miss so badly: Thinking of you burns my eyes. And I wish to hug and kiss you (although social distancing won’t allow us to). Nonetheless, I wish you all the best in your endeavors; May you be bless with so much love, joy and prosperity along with your families. Stay safe and healthy. Notorious Corona virus is still on the loose. Lastly, a million thanks for your inspiration and for meaningfully touching my life! Thank you! So long my friends.

To God be always all the glory. Aloha everybody.

YouTube/Here, There, and Everywhere/George Benson