The Ways of Heaven


No one can count every breathing thing in this world;
Not all beauty can be explained.
Love can’t be defined.
Compassion can’t be measured.
No one can measure the ways of God.

Splendor is an understatement.

Stupendous can’t come close.

Above and beyond men’s understanding,

the ways of Heaven

in my life unfolds.

And from dust,

I turn atom.

I atom,

made up of a single proton


Thy love

that can never be expressed in one word;

Thy compassion

as infinite

as the Sky–

For Thy,

thank You, Lord!

YouTube/I See You Lord/Aiza Seguerra

Coz in Your Eyes


To just touch your face,

I so dream.

To be in your arms,

I so ache.

To hold your hand,

I so hope.

To wake up being in your chest still,

I so pray.

To live for what we have,

I so cherish.

Coz in your eyes

I so see forever;

And forever,


will so see us through.

YouTube/The First Time I loved Forever/PianoMusicLover

YouTube/The First Time I Loved Forever/Lisa Angelle

A Wistful In Conflict


(Updated 01/03/2020)

Surrendering to nostalgia,

I’m deaf to the ticks of clock.

I hear nothing

but throbbing,

and the murmurs of our dream. . .

. . . enduring an invincible wish:

Your breath

soft-talking to my skin;

Mine chasing yours to live.

Let me call TheCab for reality.

. . . for who did love,

and didn’t lose it

at some point?

Sanity in apathy—

it is not strange at all.

Battling an invisible war

is always one’s call.

Dire! I died over

and over

taking the call.

Should have

hang up?


Bigger than popsie in orange–

oh, that I know!

Yet still,

the hopeful romantic still

thinking in vain,

hoping and loving

just the same.

YouTube/invisible War/Sitti Navarro

Happy 2020!


YouTube/Happy New Year 2020/Andrea Petcu

From my blog to yours,

May the New Year

bring you joy,

bring you peace,

bring you love,

lots of follows,

lots of warm comments and likes–

and lots of meaningful posts.

Happy New Year, WordPress!

Happy New Year, all!

Thank you, 2019!

YouTube/Vevo/Auld Lang Syne/Mariah Carey

Little Precious, Sleepy Head

Three Kings from East went ahead

that very solemn night

Mary fulfilled her test.

Stars were snitchers

at best.

As the Three Wise carried gifts

of myrrhs and golds;

Little precious sleepy head

carried peace and love

to impoverished world.

How lucky were the sheep

in the manger staring in awe

of that Face I long to touch–

Little precious sleepy head,

I hope You know.

A Wake-up Call


As the Sun peeps below the aurora,

morning coffee is being brewed

over coal by manufacturah.

Trees sigh

what’s the matta?

Earth has fever

and they are still snoring

in pajamas.

Even before dawn

algae have abandoned the corals,

dying they too ask,

“What’s the matta?”

Deep in rem,

still no ansa.

Ahead of the rooster’s crowing,

Floods are right by the doorsteps-

not knocking–


Polar bears without the glaciers, the ices,

keep wandering wondering–

saying “endless summer

is not a good thing.”

Salmons may not be there

for them, and them

for ages–

sniff sniffing:

CO who?

Is such a,

such a

bad thing.

Earth’s fever is not going

down nor leaving–

and men are still buried

in blankets,

still sleeping

while the house is burning.

Sense of Gratitude


Always give


thumbs up

for the big ones.

Dare put the little

on a Petri dish

to see;

they’re just



Write a list

and slid it to

the red Chino thing

of those yet to come.

When hope is down,

check the pulse

to realize

and appreciate

what’s in hand-—

Because sense of gratitude


with fill in the blanks.