It Takes


. . . Bill and Hill

to dump the Sill.

. . . Jack and Jill

to conquer the hill.

. . . Romeo and Juliet

to end family ill.

. . . Darcy and Lizzie

to bury two deadly sins.

. . . Bonnie and Clyde

to hold hands while rob and kill.

But these guys don’t have what it takes

to enjoy love this fun:

Thus far, the icing on your nose is the sweetest one

in the whole wide world.





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Blog like how you want to be remembered;
as if it’s always your first and last speech to the world.

Have a great weekend ahead! Thank you. I so love you!

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(A repost)

Heat and light
are the foremost
significances of Sun
in our lives.

The plants,
which give us foods and oxygen
largely depend on the Sun for energy
and so with all other living things.

The Sun
warms and purifies the oceans
It stirs and brightens the atmosphere.
It makes everyone of us thrives with hope and dreams.

The Sun
is truly the gift
of light and life–
And it is what Tomorrow brings.


A Mountain, a Poem—and that Sense of Gratitude


Bouquet of flowers from my Aloha Sunshine Tours ohana: Thank you Jessica and everyone at AST!


I have not returned any of your generosity for the past two weeks due to a medical condition–forgive me. Thanks for your patience and kind understanding.

Anyhow, I just got discharged from a hospital in Kaneohe. And believe it or not; I am thankful for being there in the past ten days and for lots of reasons:

Topping all, I got to wake up seeing the Koolau Mountain, which is one of the most beautiful things here, in Oahu. Feel free to check it out:

(Koolau Mountains Oahu Hawaii. a Stock Footage Video (100% Royalty-free) 19267195 | Shutterstock

Images may be subject to copyright.)

Next, I met genuinely wonderful people who encouraged and lift me up. We exchanged stories, shared bits of our struggles and our coping plans. I thought it was special. But what I was amazed of really, was in simple activities, we dealt with a great amount of drama in graceful ways.

I also attended therapeutic activities: we got into arts; from coloring to drawing—we collaborated. In the end, I met and bonded with a darling named Idin, a golden retriever, who was so sweet and gentle.

Lastly, the unifying thread in all of these, is the generosity of time well spent to meaningful moments. Although I lose payroll hours and I might not able to keep my job—I am very thankful for this recent confinement for its spiritual worth.

Finally, I love you guys. I am always grateful for your wonderful company–Thank you! I’ll see you in yours shortly.



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