Be Wearied No More

“This is how the birth of Jesus the Messiah came about: His mother Mary was pledged to be married to Joseph, but before they came together, she was found to be pregnant through the Holy Spirit.”
‭‭Matthew‬ ‭1‬:‭18‬ ‭NIV‬‬

Nearing. . .

What the world

Is truly needing—

Be wearied no more,

Beloved world.

Reflecting . . .

When Mary’s womb

Was divinely conceiving

The Baby Boy, who was about

To bring Earth true bundle of joy .

Consecrating. . .

On that Sacred Night,

When the Newborn Savior was sleeping —

Light and Peace

Fill the world .

Rejoicing. . .

On the hope

That the Holy Nativity brings;

For it is only through Christ

That hope becomes enduring.

Recommended Song:

Oh Holy Night by the Glee Cast

Thanks for Blogging

Blogger: A passionate human being, who writes or posts contents on the Internet and on a very personal note. Someone who enriches the virtual World Wide Web with humanity.

Over two years ago, and in spirit of thanksgiving, I shared some of my good memories with fellow bloggers who I had the blessings and joy of sharing friendship with. However, given the span of time alone (with more than a decade of blogging), I don’t think one post is enough to express my appreciation. Truthfully, many times I couldn’t reciprocate given my health challenges and personal struggles. Thank goodness, the following bloggers below are genuinely nice people. Please bear with this humble post in gratitude for their kindness, generosity, compassion and support.


He’s the kindhearted man behind the blog, WritingToFreedom. He’s a gentle soul who writes poignant poems and musings about nature and his personal experiences. My favorite among his works, is the simple line, “Me in love with life. . .”

Brad, I owe you tons. Thank you so much for everything you do!


Dana is the fine woman behind the D-ale Copilariei.She is a passionate mother, who writes in Romanian. She fondly talks about her kids and the glory of motherhood. She’s also into photography and love for animals.

Dana, though we hardly see each other online, I know our mutual love and friendship remain. Thank you!

Cindy Knoke

Cindy is a true naturalist. She is from California. She’s very much into photography. She is well traveled. And she is so beloved by our peers. Note that Cindy has tens of thousands (maybe more) of followers. And I think that alone speaks volumes.

Cindy, you inspire me and many of our fellows. A million thanks for being so kind and nice. Happy Thanksgiving, Cind!


Randall is an American living in Hong Kong. He is a professional photographer. His subjects are mostly people, cultures, and nature. He is well-traveled and is also into philosophy.

Randall, you deserve a Nobel for all your works . I am a fan and always will be.

Esther Ling

Esther writes evocative poetry (especially haikus) and into aphorism. Esther writes in French, which inspired me to learn the language. What I find intriguing (and admirable at the same time) about my friend, is the line: “To live happily, live hidden.”

Esther, merci beaucoup. Je t’aime ma cheri, ma ami.

Paul Militaru

Paul is an engineer who simply love photography. What I share with him, is his love to learn, read, flowers and arts. He writes, “I like paintings and pictures, classical and crossover music, I like mountains and the sea, everything is beautiful,” Paul are you my soulmate? Just playin’.


Gavin is a minimalist and photographer. He is so brave to opt pictures in black-and-white. And with the 808, we have Hawai’i in common (I believe). He is also a music lover. Gavin likewise shares his personal struggles on his blog. And for that, I can’t thank him enough. For such openness, honesty and courage, we make ourselves vulnerable and easy targets of haters.

But Gavin, I am so proud of you. And I thank of you for the many years of support and friendship. God bless you my friend.

Wendell A. Brown

Wendell is my brother in Christ. He is the loving man behind the blog, WhereWordsDailyComeAlive. His blog is an oasis. Every post is so full of love and devotion to God. He also once lived here, in Hawai’i. And I can’t recall a negative post from Wendell.

I miss you my brother. I hope all is well.

Marina Kanavaki

Marina paints, draws, and designs (a minimalist). She is also an entrepreneur. We once tried to venture into a business. Sadly, my school schedule got in the way.

Hi, Marina. it’s been awhile. But I still hope one day, we can make our venture materialize.

Last, but not least:

Ivon Prefontaine

Ivon is a professor. And that said, you can learn a lot from this man. He writes essays and poems. The name of his blog alone is truly an inspiration TeacherAsTransformer.

Happy Thanksgiving, Prof. Prefontaine! Thank you for your generosity.

Some of us blog for a living. Some of us blog for coping (with loneliness, sickness and etc). Some of us blog for expressing and giving in to passion. But whatever is behind your blogging, know that you are a part of something meaningful. Because every blog has a personal touch. Every blog enriches the Internet with humanity (for humanity). For that we have to give thanks and be grateful

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Blessings to y’all!


Be Thankful for Our Past

If Gratitude Is a Person


Get a free pass to human soul:

Don’t be a stranger—

It doesn’t hurt

To say “hello.”

It’s about warmth, human warmth,

About ninety-seven-point-eight degrees Fahrenheit

Sincerity counts . . . . always do

. . . . all the time.

Say it in one word or two,

With “. . . so much,” for soufflé cheese cake,

And dark chocolatesgobble, gobble,

That’s what I like.

If gratitude is a person,

It’s among the greatest influencers of all times.

In Kardashians’ time:

Subscribe. Follow. Comment and like.

YouTube/David Benoit/Kei’s Song

Give Thanks

“. . . .give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus,” 1 Thessalonians 5:18.

Revised 3:08 HST, 11/11/2022

Admit it, try

Or deny:

But fortune cookies aside,

At some point in our lives,

We missed thanking

Someone’s kind thing. . .

. . . generosity, courtesy,

Loyalty, empathy,

Devotion and affection.

Take it literally,

But better yet spiritually:

It would be nice to have a Bible on the side;

Read Genesis and you’ll get it right,

Who created the air we breathe?

Are we entitled to all the endowments and gifts,

Even the benefits and privileges we received?

Can we force families and friends to return the love and care we give?


Plain truth:

Thank you can bring sunshine

To one’s cloudy day.

To a call center rep,

It’s a jackpot

To hear a customer say.

Thank you when receives,

Is a recognition of good deeds,

Of hard work,

Of goin’ the extra mile,

Of gifts and pleasant things, bringing smiles

And music to ears.

Thank you when given,

Is a testament of a character,

Of an attitude,

Even of a fortitude.

It may sound so common;

so rudimentary;

But when we earnestly say,

“Thank you;”

We experience divinity.

Personal: Thank you WordPress! For your gracious visits, generous likes, and kind comments—I am so humbled to have your amazing support. And I hope to return the favor soon. Take care y’all. I love you! God bless always.

YouTube/When the Morning Comes/Kalapana

At the Break of Dawn

A throbbing heart is at the very heart of gratitude.

The roosters belt out at the top of their syringes,
they’re just so into the morning sun;
but not the Grammy.
Hope gets it straight, little one.

The iPad prompts at five-forty-five:
Snooze or stop?
Meeting is about to start;
Right hand struggles searching to tap.

The meeting: Not on Webex, nor on Zoom.
No webcam needed, nor mic for sure.
Brain maybe half awake;
but the heart is throbbing true.

The Big One speaks
of Psalms Thirty: Verse Five.
Though happy tears make it to cheeks,
joy seeps in. . .

Seeps in, seeps in, seeps in. . .

And gratitude is all around.

Nobody is ever muted to say:
Thank You!
Thank You!
Thank You!

Thank You, Amazing You!

Thanksgiving Grace


Father God,
Thank You
For everything and everyone
You blessed our ways!
We are grateful
For the bliss of every morning;
Just as we are thankful
For the serenity and peace
When we retire our bodies at night.
And may we celebrate gratitude
And all Your goodness Father,
This Thanksgiving
And in all the days of our lives—
In Jesus’ name, amen.

An Ode To Fall


For the taming of sun in September,

To the grace of harvests on October,

For the pumpkins and stuffed turkeys in November,

To the cascades of red, gold, and amber

Up in the air and down the road—

For hot chocolates and s’mores:

Linger Fall ‘til December,

Just a little bit more.


To Fall

The Ballad of Fall