Be Thankful for Our Past

(Updated 10/11/2020, 18:08 HST)


We can only turn our heads to a certain point; but never completely. And if we are to reflect this on our past relationships and old friendships—what it means to me, is that it is okay to go back and reminisce the good old days we shared with those from our past; but never to hold grudges.Sometimes, it is even inevitable to cry a tear drop or two, or three, as we reminisce; and that is okay. We are but humans capable and vulnerable to emotions for that is how we can tell that what we experience and feel in this virtual world is real.
In my eleven-years of blogging, especially on this blog, Lyrics, Sentiments & Me, I was lucky enough to have met fine people here in the blogosphere: Two was a couple from U.K., with whom I shared the same passion in photography and music. They supported me in every post. We exchanged hundreds of likes and comments, of course, to encourage one another, as we built friendship and nurture camaraderie. Another memorable past that I also cherished, was a man from Vancouver, with whom I shared poetry, music, photography too, the silly dream of undying love and the pure joy of romantic comedy. I believe he’s happy and fulfilled now with his significant other from the Philippines. And may they live happily ever after.There was also a girl from New York, who was such great poet as well. She named her avatar after a very unique and eccentric looking tree. Going back to her craft, she can easily express her loneliness without sounding miserable nor pathetic. What I admired in her the most, was her courage; her bravery exhibited by the burning passion to document her deep feelings towards her challenges in life–without even worrying someone would click like.
And I could go on and on sharing beautiful stories of the wonderful fellow bloggers I met. I honestly learned a lot from them—because imagine, eleven years, five hundred (plus) posts—man, I have really met a lot! Again, I still find time to visit their Sites and read, without disrespecting their choice for privacy, which is completely, okay.

Finally, when we cross paths with others: There is always a reason. And it is always for good—for as long we choose it to be that way. After all, it’s not so hard to view things in bright perspectives. Remember, our hearts are not sewers for us to be bitter and hold grudges. Parting or goodbyes are indeed sad, but good memories would always be there for solace. That if we remain on the positive side, the joy of touching someone’s life makes memories even more meaningful. And a sense of gratitude follows like a breath of fresh air, gently brushing your hair, softly touching your cheeks, then leaving you a sense of peace. Priceless!


Be thankful to our past, because without it there is no today, no tomorrow and thereafter.


YouTube/Thanks To You/Tyler Collins


YouTube/Times of Your Life/Paul Anka/Joanna Wang

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