At the Break of Dawn

A throbbing heart is at the very heart of gratitude.

The roosters belt out at the top of their syringes,
they’re just so into the morning sun;
but not the Grammy.
Hope gets it straight, little one.

The iPad prompts at five-forty-five:
Snooze or stop?
Meeting is about to start;
Right hand struggles searching to tap.

The meeting: Not on Webex, nor on Zoom.
No webcam needed, nor mic for sure.
Brain maybe half awake;
but the heart is throbbing true.

The Big One speaks
of Psalms Thirty: Verse Five.
Though happy tears make it to cheeks,
joy seeps in. . .

Seeps in, seeps in, seeps in. . .

And gratitude is all around.

Nobody is ever muted to say:
Thank You!
Thank You!
Thank You!

Thank You, Amazing You!

Thanksgiving Grace


Father God,
Thank You
For everything and everyone
You blessed our ways!
We are grateful
For the bliss of every morning;
Just as we are thankful
For the serenity and peace
When we retire our bodies at night.
And may we celebrate gratitude
And all Your goodness Father,
This Thanksgiving
And in all the days of our lives—
In Jesus’ name, amen.

And We Waltz the Blues


If only I could touch Your Face

Oh, I so long.

I too ache

To see the grandest Garden

In Your Eyes:

For that Divinity to shine on me,

Showing me the grandeur

Of all the angels in Heaven

Playing a symphony

For our daughter-and-Dad dance–

I have been waiting my whole life through.

. . . seeing the sun in your Velvety Robe

And me in a pink dress

Laced with different colors of Hibiscus

And all the flowers of aloha.

Oh, I so long to see

The grandest Garden

In Your Eyes

For that Divinity to shine on me, Father;

The grandeur of seeing You,

Tenderly holding my hand on the right,

And safely resting on my back on the left. . .

Kindly smiling,

Gently guiding,

Sweetly letting my graceful turn. . .

And we waltz my blues.

YouTube/All I Ask of You/Daddy Daughter Duo/Phantom of the Opera

Eternally Yours


Almighty Father,

in You, I put my trust.

Heal me from my iniquities;

Heal me from my pains–

Give me strength in the face of adversities

and to choose the right path come what may.

Let me not be troubled of worldly things;

Let me not be deceived of insignificant–

Remind me–always

I am here for Your glory, Thy humble servant.

Bring me hope and joy;

Bring me contentment and peace—

Walk me through Your ways–

in faith each day of my life, please.

Make me live purposefully;

Make me love without fear

nor, regret neither, slightest thought of reciprocity

Just as You love us, all unconditionally.

Thank You, Father

for everything and everyone you send my way;

Thank You, Father

for this blog, my happy place.

I love You.

Eternally Yours,

This tiny me

To You be all the glory.