At the Break of Dawn

A throbbing heart is at the very heart of gratitude.

The roosters belt out at the top of their syringes,
they’re just so into the morning sun;
but not the Grammy.
Hope gets it straight, little one.

The iPad prompts at five-forty-five:
Snooze or stop?
Meeting is about to start;
Right hand struggles searching to tap.

The meeting: Not on Webex, nor on Zoom.
No webcam needed, nor mic for sure.
Brain maybe half awake;
but the heart is throbbing true.

The Big One speaks
of Psalms Thirty: Verse Five.
Though happy tears make it to cheeks,
joy seeps in. . .

Seeps in, seeps in, seeps in. . .

And gratitude is all around.

Nobody is ever muted to say:
Thank You!
Thank You!
Thank You!

Thank You, Amazing You!

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