Your Lips

I am but a love nerd.

Sweeter than candy canes;

Sweeter, richer than chocolates,

Your mauve lips—

None can compare.

I tiptoed crazy thinking of the contour. . .

Oh sweet, sweeter, sweetest, . . .

. . . hmm. . .

I just tasted the earth.

It’s heaven.

YouTube/Rosemary Clooney/There Will Never Be Another You

Happy Valentine’s Day WordPress

My very first watercolor painting


I hope all is well with you. As for me, and as you know, depression and I are like a switch—so please bear with me. I am just thankful to God, I am coping at work amid my health challenges. But one of my ways of coping is through the arts of watercolor painting with mostly flowers as my subject. And I am sharing it below.

Thank you for this opportunity to share few of my humble works and a poem. Again, happy Valentine’s Day! I wish you love, peace, and joy. I love you all!

Tulip symbolizes unconditional love.
Birds of Paradise are beloved in Hawai’i.
Daffodils, Daisies et Al
Aren’t sunflowers the happiest flowers in the world?
Gladiola is my birth month flower.
. . . Just one of my doodles.
“Carpe diem,” as anemones say.
Doodling the doodles. I am but God’s doodle too.
Hibiscus is the State Flower of Hawai’i.
Do you know that doodle is defined by Merriam-Webster as “to scribble absentmindedly,” (2023).
Topping the Hall Famers are roses.
Roses and Tulips

P.S. Thank you, Brad, Cindy, Ivon, Paul, Gavin, Esther, Francis, and to all of you to whom I owe for your unwavering support. I am deeply grateful and humbled. Happy Valentine’s Day!

YouTube/Jimmy Cliff/I Can See Clearly Now



-Revised and reposted-

When the sky would stop looking down at seas;

When snow would fill all summer and file up on roofs, on roads and trees;

When no love song to listen nor to sing;

When no rose and chocolate in Valentine’s Day nor any bloom in May;

When lizards would speak and stand up for what they see;

When crickets would pay silence

For longing hearts hanging onto to their dream, . . .

I’ll be over you.

YouTube/Toto/I’ll Be Over You