I Put them in a Box


Within me is a treasure box that holds the fondest memories I shared with you.

I put the memories we shared
In a pink box with care.
Contemplated–I did.
Deliberated–internally, two sages did.
In hand is a blue Sharpie,
to mark or not to mark
Fragile or history?
Written in bold, italic, w/underline
Is your name,
For in the box is our true story.
Separated good from bad—no, I di’n’t.
Labeled high or low—no, I di’n’t.
Simply, goods and highs are in.
Simply deep within:
A copier built-in,
And true copies of ours are in.

YouTube/Special Memory/Lea Salonga

YouTube/Special Memory/Jed Madela

The Joys of Summer


(Originally published on August 14, 2019)

Longer days of the glorious sun

leaning into north

illuminating the earth so bright

bringing clear blue skies alight

‘til night.

And on the shore of Lanikai,

two bask in warmth:

Dare to bare—

they’re contemporaries

of the golden sand.

The scent of ocean, the tang

of young,

the aroma of mustards and molasses—

In summer air,

freedom is found.

Summer is the effortless influencer:

Priceless joy

lies in simple things–

I dare not

to be grand.

YouTube/Cecilio & Kapono/Highway in the Sun


Eternally Yours


Almighty Father,

in You, I put my trust.

Heal me from my iniquities;

Heal me from my pains–

Give me strength in the face of adversities

and to choose the right path come what may.

Let me not be troubled of worldly things;

Let me not be deceived of insignificant–

Remind me–always

I am here for Your glory, Thy humble servant.

Bring me hope and joy;

Bring me contentment and peace—

Walk me through Your ways–

in faith each day of my life, please.

Make me live purposefully;

Make me love without fear

nor, regret neither, slightest thought of reciprocity

Just as You love us, all unconditionally.

Thank You, Father

for everything and everyone you send my way;

Thank You, Father

for this blog, my happy place.

I love You.

Eternally Yours,

This tiny me

To You be all the glory.

Nature’s Moral Stories IX


The great mighty lion,

the lone

king, who rules the jungle,

swaggers as natural a..hole instilling fears.

Stranger to happiness, his roars;

his groans echoes reality. Loneliness sore.

The head-turner stunning peafowl

showing off her iridescent plumage to all.

Although beauty exude naturally,

but if it presents danger obviously,

who would dare get close? Nobody.

Vanity is repellent.

Ever busy,

the ants are always with companies.

Ever collaborative, productive, hardworking little fellows,

they never live in mellow.

They maybe tiny in size; but

they’re giants in matters of labor.

Ever building,

the beavers are born architects/engineers/landscapers.

Ever in action,

painstakingly they create dams, canals, and lodges

seemingly without exhaustion,

while unselfishly opening them to others—-now, that is noble!

Pride is a difficult man

always wearing a facade.

He dare sings Sinatra’s My Way all the time;

but he’s always flat no matter what time.

Humility is a woman of grace.

She is meek as bermuda;

She is accepting as an autumn leaf;

as resilient as the willow tree;

and as virtuous as the water in every stream.


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Where Is Peace?


Many die in vain;
And only a few in hope remains.
The cynic says,
It belongs to fairy tales.
But the faithful is steadfast
in pursuing it every day.

So where is peace?
it’s not in pride and prejudice,
as Lizzy and Darcy
only exist in Austen’s masterpiece.

You see: Wars are the results
of bad communication skills;
of endless bickering and bragging,
and power grabbing–
it’s exhausting!

So where is peace?
Not in the streets,
where crusaders march for justice
for the man whose last words were,
”I can’t breathe.”
Sadly, four are missing ears.

The thing with peace,
as you think of it
in grandest means,
it gets elusive
and harder to achieve.

So to simplify,
I pulled my Pink
PJ up to my knees.
I tightly close my eyes and put on the Beats.
I set Over the Rainbow to repeat
and there it goes:
in zzzzzz
I found peace.

YouTube/Katherine McPhee/Over the Rainbow

Who Is Important?


Are you important?

Are they important?

Am I important?

Am I?

Define important.

Define importance.

Don’t rely on Merriam.

Don’t rely on Oxford.

That’s why you’re mistaken–

You think they know all.

Are looks important?

Are colors important?

My looks can’t stand the mirror;

My skin is brown–

I am in Hawai’i–

I cannot avoid the sun.

But it does not mean

I am blind

To see what is done.


Is a blind spot,

Men can’t simply overcome.



What is important?

A. Lives

B. Respect

C. Equality

D. Empathy

E. All of the above.

Indignity is a crime against humanity;

It’s an insult to civility.