Where Is Peace?

Many die in vain;
And only a few in hope remains.
The cynic says,
It belongs to fairy tales.
But the faithful is steadfast
in pursuing it every day.

So where is peace?
it’s not in pride and prejudice,
as Lizzy and Darcy
only exist in Austen’s masterpiece.

You see: Wars are the results
of bad communication skills;
of endless bickering and bragging,
and power grabbing–
it’s exhausting!

So where is peace?
Not in the streets,
where crusaders march for justice
for the man whose last words were,
”I can’t breathe.”
Sadly, four are missing ears.

The thing with peace,
as you think of it
in grandest means,
it gets elusive
and harder to achieve.

So to simplify,
I pulled my Pink
PJ up to my knees.
I tightly close my eyes and put on the Beats.
I set Over the Rainbow to repeat
and there it goes:
in zzzzzz
I found peace.

YouTube/Katherine McPhee/Over the Rainbow

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