Nature’s Moral Stories II

Mountains are reserved not quiet:

To many things, they are witnesses–

What can we say?

How dare the clouds,

Those stalkers complain.

Hills are timid buddies of valleys:

Both inferior, unable to touch the sky:

Convinced height is pure glory–

Tell that to the fire ants

Hiking angrily.

Rivers, rivers, rivers,

Flowing rivers,

Relentless rivers:

Unfazed, unwavering, unstoppable

Riveting rivers.

Seas must be women:

Unpredictable, unfathomable, uncertain

Mysterious, mischievous-

Shores must have a great thing

For flake.

Just so one knows, these are honoraries of space.

3 thoughts on “Nature’s Moral Stories II

  1. Thank you again Aina for your kind support for our site. I hope you are finding your strength during the days. I have been a bit below par this week, but hope to gain enough stamina to post again soon. Take care, and cheers Aina.

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