Nature’s Moral Stories IX

The great mighty lion,

the lone

king, who rules the jungle,

swaggers as natural a..hole instilling fears.

Stranger to happiness, his roars;

his groans echoes reality. Loneliness sore.

The head-turner stunning peafowl

showing off her iridescent plumage to all.

Although beauty exude naturally,

but if it presents danger obviously,

who would dare get close? Nobody.

Vanity is repellent.

Ever busy,

the ants are always with companies.

Ever collaborative, productive, hardworking little fellows,

they never live in mellow.

They maybe tiny in size; but

they’re giants in matters of labor.

Ever building,

the beavers are born architects/engineers/landscapers.

Ever in action,

painstakingly they create dams, canals, and lodges

seemingly without exhaustion,

while unselfishly opening them to others—-now, that is noble!

Pride is a difficult man

always wearing a facade.

He dare sings Sinatra’s My Way all the time;

but he’s always flat no matter what time.

Humility is a woman of grace.

She is meek as bermuda;

She is accepting as an autumn leaf;

as resilient as the willow tree;

and as virtuous as the water in every stream.


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