Nature’s Moral Stories IV

A personal property created October 11, 2017–all rights reserved.

Who can be lonelier than the deserts?
Imagine, eighteen hours or more everyday
Of nakedness,
Of drudgery
Being solely with the sun—that isn’t fun!

There’s a fine thing in winter dusk;
There’s a fine thing in melancholy
That modest, noble cousin of sad,
Telling every breathing thing
Has its fair share of pain and sorrow.

Immortality on Earth
Belongs to songs,
To skies,
To I Love You,
To day and night.

Pagan: I am.
Pagan: You are.
Pagans: They are—For we are the men of this land.
But amid flaws, ruins and division,
We all strive inexorably to get things done.

Though one day, we would eternally be forgotten once gone.

Recommended Song:

We’ve Only Just Begun
by Jim Brickman
(Originally by the Carpenters)

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