The Very Essence of a Man

The Very Essence of a Man

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The very essence of a man,
is to build,
and keep a roof
over his
and his family’s heads,
with all his might;
and, with all his strength.

And to have
in his arms:
a woman,
is loyal enough
to follow his lead
into a world
of their own.

. . .a woman,
is trusting enough
to hold his hand
until their bodies repose.

. . .a woman,
is faithful enough
to believe him,
when he says,
“you are my home!”

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Featured song: La Mer, by Charles Trent


Just the Same

Come What May.2

Like a gold
burning in flames,
or the blue sky
conquering the haze,
my heart
throbs for you
just the same.

Like the sun
or the moon
nothing change.

For though
we went through
enormous storms;
and that our hearts
were drenched;
rain after rain,
but this

. . . so hold me close,
and hang on tight–
And for once,
let’s close our eyes
and just cherish
this beautiful thing,
come what may.

Featured Song: Come What May, by Lani Hall

In Your Smile


In your smile,
my friend,
I see
of daisies,
and poppies,
with gentle winds
caressing them softly;
as they fall
on my cheeks,
in my palms,
oh so tenderly.

In your smile,
I see
the rainbow:
it’s pulling me
to dance,
while our hearts hum
the sweetest melody.

In your smile,
I see
the waves
and the shore
calmly meet
halfway across–
kissing each other
so deeply
with no remorse,
while the rays
of the pinky sun
and the bluish sky,
their sweet surrender
to eternity
they long dreamed
all along.

Featured Song: In Your Smile, an original Hawaiian music, courtesy of Na Leo.

You Ought to Know

Times of Your Life

What does best means to you?
Is it something that tickles your fancy?
A thing of beauty?
Or a head-turner that drives you crazy?

What does precious means to you?
Is it a hefty sum of money?
A mansion at Hamptons maybe?
Or a Bentley?

What does forever means to you?
Is it a career that assures your stability?
A recognition that validates your competency?
Or an accolade that brings you to the heights of ecstasy?
What does happiness means to you?

I wish I know,
so I won’t see you hurting this way. . .

But if you really want to go,
I think you ought to know:



What best means to me,
are “the laughter and tears”
we shed.

What precious means to me,
is the love
you have given me.

What forever means to me,
is this love
I have for you.

And what happiness means to me,
is you.


For the best times of my life
are all these moments
I spend with you;
and, loving only you.