Not Even Mona Lisa



The sacred rendezvous
of the sun and moon
in the velvet purple sky above,

is reflected
by the red orange
streaks of horizon,

tenderly caressing below
the pristine green waters
of the Marianas,

where dolphins and blue whales
are having
the best dance of their lives,

while the pink mermaids
are joyously singing
for the heavenly union,

by the brightest stars,
and the whitest sands–

that, my sweetest,
is the portrait of this beautiful thing
we carry in our hearts.

Not even Michael Angelo could paint it;
For not even Mona Lisa
could come close. . .

Lovers 062714

‘Til the End


Til the End.3

Like the grandeur of green
in spring;

Like the warmth of sun
in summer;

like the crisp scent of pine
in winter,

fill my senses
until the end.

Like dainty drops of dew
in mornings;

Like striking blaze of horizons
in sunsets;

Like shimmering blings of stars
in evenings;

own my all
like there’s no end.

Like salt and sands
to the “blue ocean;”

Like waves and ripples
to the shore;

Like currents and rapids
to the river;

fill my senses

and own my all,

and don’t let this end.



Heat and light
are the foremost
of Sun
in our lives.

The plants,
which give us
foods and oxygen
largely depend
on the Sun
for energy,
and so with all
other living things,
which include us.

The Sun
warms the oceans.
It stirs
and brightens
the atmosphere.
It makes
that breathes
with hope
and dreams.
The Sun
is truly,
the gift
of light
and life.
And it is,
what Tomorrow