The Very Essence of a Man

The Very Essence of a Man

*My sincerest gratitude to you, kind souls
for your continued friendship and support–thank you!
GOD bless everybody! To HIM be all the glory!
Happy blogging!*

The very essence of a man,
is to build,
and keep a roof
over his
and his family’s heads,
with all his might;
and, with all his strength.

And to have
in his arms:
a woman,
is loyal enough
to follow his lead
into a world
of their own.

. . .a woman,
is trusting enough
to hold his hand
until their bodies repose.

. . .a woman,
is faithful enough
to believe him,
when he says,
“you are my home!”

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Featured song: La Mer, by Charles Trent


18 thoughts on “The Very Essence of a Man

  1. Lovely Aina… The great achievement of your poem here is that you started talking about a man and then you linked him to his family and his woman… I truly liked the structure and progression here.
    Very well done. Best wishes, Aquileana 😀


    • I think stability is their sacred responsibility. But be among men, or us, women, family to me really should come first. Thank you for seeing my message in such a positive view. You’re brilliant! Not everyone knows the relevance of structure. God bless you!

      Liked by 1 person

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