Just the Same

Come What May.2

Like a gold
burning in flames,
or the blue sky
conquering the haze,
my heart
throbs for you
just the same.

Like the sun
or the moon
nothing change.

For though
we went through
enormous storms;
and that our hearts
were drenched;
rain after rain,
but this

. . . so hold me close,
and hang on tight–
And for once,
let’s close our eyes
and just cherish
this beautiful thing,
come what may.

Featured Song: Come What May, by Lani Hall


23 thoughts on “Just the Same

      • Awwww.. hugsss… I was definitely low! So low, that I could only get up. 😀 lots of prayers have been helping me… I do get worried but I know the right opportunity will come along. I just have to remember that as much as I can. Thank you though!! I appreciate it! I am the worst when it comes to asking for help.. eesh.. How are you!


          • School! Good for you! Emotional blackmail is horrible! I totally side with you, it’s so difficult! And I do think we all can get along as religion is a part of us, not ALL of us… 😀 I think that’s why I took off my scarf… I was really tired of people judging me based on CNN reviews… instead of seeing me for just me… 😀


            • Don’t mind those narrow-minded, you look pretty with your scarf. You look very dignified with them on.

              On religion, my eldest brother is a converted Muslim. I have high respect for you guys. I highly admire Prophet Mohammad. Pink, if you need anything : feel free to email me at ss34@hawaii.edu.


              • Awwww… hugss… you’re the best! I took off my scarf end of Jan after 11 years as its been so difficult, and now I worry that I’m being punished with it off as my mom just lost her job end of Aug after four years. But I’m trying to stay positive and hope a job lines up for me soon as I interviewed on Friday for a women’s type shelter and hope to help people. Congrats for your brother! Hopefully he takes it easy, and doesn’t go super Muslim as I found after 11 years, you fall down hard after much zealousness. The middle and easy path is best. How are you? I have missed you! I didn’t realize my phone wasn’t capturing all the comments until now.. so I’m like, far behind.. hahahah…so sorry!!


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