In Your Smile


In your smile,
my friend,
I see
of daisies,
and poppies,
with gentle winds
caressing them softly;
as they fall
on my cheeks,
in my palms,
oh so tenderly.

In your smile,
I see
the rainbow:
it’s pulling me
to dance,
while our hearts hum
the sweetest melody.

In your smile,
I see
the waves
and the shore
calmly meet
halfway across–
kissing each other
so deeply
with no remorse,
while the rays
of the pinky sun
and the bluish sky,
their sweet surrender
to eternity
they long dreamed
all along.

Featured Song: In Your Smile, an original Hawaiian music, courtesy of Na Leo.

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27 thoughts on “In Your Smile

  1. What a beautiful poem…I like the feeling throughout ~ “I see confetti of daisies, roses, daffodils, and poppies,” Really perfect.

  2. Very moving, and true! This is the second time that I´ve read today a post about friendship. Bit weird, maybe the MAN upstairs is telling me to make more friends or something.

    But as always very nice poem.

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