And We Waltz the Blues

“He said to her,’Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace and be freed from your sufferings,” Mark 5:34 (NIV).

Hello friends, forgive me, I haven’t get the chance to see how you and your blogs are doing lately. But I hope all is well and everyone is safe and healthy and happy. Thank you for your generosity and support. I’ll make it up to you soon. Have fun blogging and writing and posting. A blessed Sunday to you all! To God be always all the glory.



And We Waltz the Blues

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Sonnet: To Thee Who Loves Me Just as Grand


[The bright side of depression, in my case, is my renewed faith to our Creator. With all honesty, it was during that lowest point of my life, when I fully realized His love, grace, and compassion. That amid the severity of my health battles: I completed my degree, now working for a decent company and out of Rx—I truly feel so blessed. So, to Him be all the glory and praise! But in deep gratitude, I scribbled a sonnet (a little polished this time, having the iambic pentameter of abab cdcd efef gg), and all for this growing agape I have inside. Blessings to you all! Aloha kakou and mahalo nui everybody!]

I am somebody because you love me.
Yes, nobodiness . . . Emily’s business;
But immersed, to love you is my heart’s decree.
Yours is a masterpiece of quaintness.
Enduring, liberating, promising,
Divine, unconditional, eternal—
Yours and yours alone is everlasting!
Yours and yours alone . . . sovereign perpetual!
Perhaps I was at some point nobody.
Perhaps to some ears, . . . a ding, or a pop.
Perchance to some eyes, a blank, a void, Ye.
Perchance to some some, nothing but a dot.
_ But I vowed my head; I clasped my hands.
_ I heard you say you love me just as You’re Grand.