Sonnet: To Thee Who Loves Me Just as Grand

[The bright side of depression, in my case, is my renewed faith to our Creator. With all honesty, it was during that lowest point of my life, when I fully realized His love, grace, and compassion. That amid the severity of my health battles: I completed my degree, now working for a decent company and out of Rx—I truly feel so blessed. So, to Him be all the glory and praise! But in deep gratitude, I scribbled a sonnet (a little polished this time, having the iambic pentameter of abab cdcd efef gg), and all for this growing agape I have inside. Blessings to you all! Aloha kakou and mahalo nui everybody!]

I am somebody because you love me.
Yes, nobodiness . . . Emily’s business;
But immersed, to love you is my heart’s decree.
Yours is a masterpiece of quaintness.
Enduring, liberating, promising,
Divine, unconditional, eternal—
Yours and yours alone is everlasting!
Yours and yours alone . . . sovereign perpetual!
Perhaps I was at some point nobody.
Perhaps to some ears, . . . a ding, or a pop.
Perchance to some eyes, a blank, a void, Ye.
Perchance to some some, nothing but a dot.
_ But I vowed my head; I clasped my hands.
_ I heard you say you love me just as You’re Grand.

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