And We Waltz the Blues

If only I could touch Your Face

Oh, I so long.

I too ache

To see the grandest Garden

In Your Eyes:

For that Divinity to shine on me,

Showing me the grandeur

Of all the angels in Heaven

Playing a symphony

For our daughter-and-Dad dance–

I have been waiting my whole life through.

. . . seeing the sun in your Velvety Robe

And me in a pink dress

Laced with different colors of Hibiscus

And all the flowers of aloha.

Oh, I so long to see

The grandest Garden

In Your Eyes

For that Divinity to shine on me, Father;

The grandeur of seeing You,

Tenderly holding my hand on the right,

And safely resting on my back on the left. . .

Kindly smiling,

Gently guiding,

Sweetly letting my graceful turn. . .

And we waltz my blues.

YouTube/All I Ask of You/Daddy Daughter Duo/Phantom of the Opera

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