When It’s Real

With an inflatable boat,

and refurbished paddles from Amazon,

gearing to sail from the Pacific

heading to the Atlantic.

Compass-less, the silly, tiny, corny

hopeful romantic—

to be modest-

kisses and throws the dices to the sea.

Undeterred of the missing stars,

the true champs of hide-and-seek,

scheming ‘gainst the full moon in nostalgia,

daydreaming; listening to a wistful tune.

Recommended Song:

by Olivia Newton-John
(Feat Cliff Richard)

YouTube/Suddenly/Olivia Newton-John (feat Cliff Richards)

4 thoughts on “When It’s Real

    • Hey wonderful man! Thanks for the kind words. Just inspired of the beautiful voice of the late, true world sweetheart, Ms. Olivia Newton-John. If you find it beautiful, maybe because it’s inspired by her. Miss you Brad.


  1. Hi! Sorry for not keeping in touch…just drop by to say always take care! Super belated Happy birthday to you, my dearest friend! (Aug.31) Enjoy your golden year! Miss you.

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