Sonnet: Twice the Beat

[As a self-taught poet, I wrote many odes, ballads, and even haikus—but not a sonnet—because it’s extremely hard. As it is made of 14 lines with 10 syllables each and ideally rhyming. Usually something of deep desire, sonnets are the “forte” of the great William Shakespeare (who is especially known for iamb characteristics). Finally, and thankfully, I penned one down. Please bear with my first. Feel free to comment “for my missus” guys. I love you! And thank you so much!]

Why iamb goes double when I think of you?
I’m sure, espresso has nothing to do.
Not about the abs; no, not that one too!
Just as Valli sings, haven’t lay hands too.
How true? You; iamb. You; iamb, iamb.
Poems, blues, text, emojis in pink— . . . think those too.
Maybe when you say my name that would do.
Can Venus or the stars blink for some clues?
Why most answers are at-large? Got it woods!
For whatever reason, . . . just thanks, I’m alive.
Grateful for our to-dos—-I really do!
Spring wind gently brushing skin: Thrive dream, thrive!
Summer sun peeps, . . . and so thoughts of shave ice.
You; iamb. You; iamb, iamb, iamb.

YouTube/My Eyes Adored You/Frankie Valli & the Four Season

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