World, You’re Short



In drones, wars loom
As conflicts brew—
Yes, it matters who is in the big room.
Is peace doomed?

Famine from afar,
Killing mothers’ and children—
Isn’t that another war?
Bellies have rights to grumble.
Check the food banks’ radars.

Solemn weddings ended in ugly divorces.
Ring in finger;
Ten worn fingers are not credible enough;
Just not enough to count.
Perhaps the satin and silk lost their graces;
Perhaps the vows and promises just meant for the laces?
Oh,only when tag price amazes. . .

If only all heads would bow
and thumbs would up:
Love is love. Love love. Love.
But then again, no.
Just not enough, no.



YouTube/Trijnjte Oosterhuis/Dionne Warwick/What the World Needs Now

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