Nature’s Moral Stories X



It is in autumn,
When true humility and kindness
From trees and foliage
Are in action.
Death is slow motion.

. . . seeing trees cascading in colors of the horizon—
Of red, gold, and orange;
Being at height,
Is always in inquest; at question.

It is in autumn,
When the sun fall short
In warming the Earth:
Everything, and everyone
Has limitation.

. . . accepting change, mind need not to be in commotion;
Understanding fortitude, endurance, and resiliency
Aren’t patented to trees.
due diligence brings makeover to every notion.

If only yeses
Can come with whys
And responses with a smile—-
All differences can arrive
To peaceful resolution, sigh.

No carries outright exhaustion, aight.

Happy Birthday, Blog!

“If there’s no forever, can I just love you everyday, every minute, every second? With every beat of my heart, can I just keep loving you in every tick of the clock?” Me.





Lyrics, Sentiments and Me is twelve-years young—and I am thankful! For this blog is a testament that I have been in hell and high waters. And whether knowingly or unknowingly, my ups and downs are mostly documented in this blog. Then you, kind souls, are my beautiful witnesses. I am truly grateful. Thank you, all!.

Nonetheless, I started this blog with musical accompaniment courtesy of YouTube videos (Thank YouTube) and along with my novice photography or a digital art. Love was the most used theme along with nature in my non-fiction creative writing. In many instances, I scribbled like a teenager so immersed in love. Some appreciated, labeling me as romantic and wistful. Others were not so much, calling me silly and gullible (and so much more). But folks, I have no regret. I even want to keep it that way forever.

Because not to be cheesy about it: Love and/or to love, is the only thing, we should never get tired of doing (note that it’s an act and a virtue). For with it, simply, we cannot go wrong. Besides there’s is no such a thing as love overdose. Most importantly, love’s “user instruction,” is pretty rudimentary: “To love and be loved,” and “To have and to hold.”

To end, allow me to extend love and my deepest gratitude to these amazing fellow bloggers:


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Thank you, WP for another wonderful year! Happy blogging to y’all. Alooooooooha. . .



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