Happy Birthday, Blog!

“If there’s no forever, can I just love you everyday, every minute, every second? With every beat of my heart, can I just keep loving you in every tick of the clock?” Me.





Lyrics, Sentiments and Me is twelve-years young—and I am thankful! For this blog is a testament that I have been in hell and high waters. And whether knowingly or unknowingly, my ups and downs are mostly documented in this blog. Then you, kind souls, are my beautiful witnesses. I am truly grateful. Thank you, all!.

Nonetheless, I started this blog with musical accompaniment courtesy of YouTube videos (Thank YouTube) and along with my novice photography or a digital art. Love was the most used theme along with nature in my non-fiction creative writing. In many instances, I scribbled like a teenager so immersed in love. Some appreciated, labeling me as romantic and wistful. Others were not so much, calling me silly and gullible (and so much more). But folks, I have no regret. I even want to keep it that way forever.

Because not to be cheesy about it: Love and/or to love, is the only thing, we should never get tired of doing (note that it’s an act and a virtue). For with it, simply, we cannot go wrong. Besides there’s is no such a thing as love overdose. Most importantly, love’s “user instruction,” is pretty rudimentary: “To love and be loved,” and “To have and to hold.”

To end, allow me to extend love and my deepest gratitude to these amazing fellow bloggers:



Burning Heart


Cindy Knoke






Ivon Prefontaine




Paul Militaru






Thank you, WP for another wonderful year! Happy blogging to y’all. Alooooooooha. . .



YouTube/Kat McPhee & David Foster/Dionne Warwick/What the World Needs Now

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Blog!

  1. Congrats on 12 years Aina and sticking with love despite the critics. Like you, I believe love and kindness are very important and needed more than ever. Thanks for the shout out, along with some other wonderful bloggers. I’m grateful to have shared the journey with you. 😍

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