Gathering the Pieces of Me

Makati, Philippines—@ The Beacon Condominium where I stayed for a month through the generosity of my sister, Camille.

My last employment was with the State of Hawaii, Office of the Public Defender, which is under the mandate of Department of Budget and Finance. I was hired as a Fiscal Clerk on Monday, December 4, 2017. I resigned Monday, December 11, 2017. What happened during the seven-day employment, is something I am gathering right now.

Regardless, I consider all my employment at will. Although, this very last one is meaningful to me, which I will tell how and why in days to come.

I wish to say in details the psychological warfares of some sociopaths; but let craps belong to crappy minds. Facts matter. Also, it is through relentless prayers, along family support that I am back on my footings–Thank God for these feet! I thank God for my family.

Thus, please allow me to extend my deepest gratitude to my loved ones in the Philippines. To my Ate Camille (the eldest in our family of three), my kids Carlo, Cathrina, and Caevene, my friends Ethel Genuino, Wilma Yamzon, Blessie Cirera, Aileen Intia, and Betsy Ison (who are all respected editors and journalists back home including my sister, and I am proud of them all): Thank you, guys! I love you so much!

Lastly, one critical realization that I learn during this trying time: I am not alone. That I have family and friends who love me. And they’re more than enough reason for me to get up and gather myself.

To God be always all the glory!

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