Nature’s Moral Stories V

Water is a handyman
Filling the thirsty,
Cleansing the dirty,
Moistening the barren and arid,
Streaming stream; no job too extreme

Simply plain;
Simply humble—
Seeks the lowest—Try tumble
Into sea; You’d see
Him and corals at the bottom—guaranteed

Air is a superwoman
Filling lungs and spaces,
Supporting the living,
Touches and embraces—
No regard to faces

In most days kind,
In most days welcoming and calm,
But always shy.
She will not come out
Even if you blindfold—try

Two bare heroes of the natural world,
Who make life possible;
Who make men up and able–
Such an undisputed generosity!
Such a refusal to reciprocity!

Without water and air, what are we? Dead certainly.