Nature’s Moral Stories III


Grasses felt real;

Grasses were not supposed to feel.

Perhaps ‘Keep of the grass-’ not English enough.

Understable: Not all can read–

Feet can’t read.

Oak leaf in spring,

Oak leaf in autumn—

Are two different things:

One glows from freshness,

While one stuns in gold and being lifeless.

Pines defy coldness;

Pines defy years—

How could fine lines

Be so bothering?

To many, mirror is the scariest thing.

Fields are the arduous labor of men:

Fields to plow to feed themselves:

In sweat and tears to bring forth something,

Harvest to every table—

Is a noble thing.

Aldebaran speaks being insignificant to a larger whole—let it be known.


The Passage of Time


Seasons come and go;
And so are woes—is that why
People hoard them so?

Seasons come and go:
Nature speaks hi or hello,
Night, bye, shalom—try.

Seasons come and go:
People see, and people feel;
To choose to unknow–

It’s surreal.

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Nature’s Moral Stories II


Mountains are reserved not quiet:

To many things, they are witnesses–

What can we say?

How dare the clouds,

Those stalkers complain.

Hills are timid buddies of valleys:

Both inferior, unable to touch the sky:

Convinced height is pure glory–

Tell that to the fire ants

Hiking angrily.

Rivers, rivers, rivers,

Flowing rivers,

Relentless rivers:

Unfazed, unwavering, unstoppable

Riveting rivers.

Seas must be women:

Unpredictable, unfathomable, uncertain

Mysterious, mischievous-

Shores must have a great thing

For flake.

Just so one knows, these are honoraries of space.

Nature’s Moral Stories


Spring, summer,

Autumn nick fall, and winter:

Life is a circle shaped by time.

Should failure in timing

Be marked as a reckless crime?

Trees are olympians:

Endurance, check.

Resilience, check.

Grounded; well rooted,


Plants and trees:

The way to life is purpose;

The way to humanity is generosity.

Free air, free shade, free prayer–

Free is timeless.

Leaves of green:

Simplicity is an effortless beauty.

Leaves of red, gold, and tangerine:

Grace and art of death–

They’re into it.

Winds are invincible dancers.

To Have End Meet Peace


A song fades with a refrain; while

A novel concludes with a cursive ‘The End.’

A day is through with the sun going beneath that blazing orange and red horizontal line; while

A night retreats to the breaking of dawn marked by the same colors but tamed and in vertical upward rays.

Some say a prayer; while

Some raise a toast.

Curtains go down; while

Hands raise to clap for a good show.

Waves of goodbye may be seen as redundant gestures; while

Kisses may appear as a conjecture.

But comes the end, is end–

The broken needs to mend.

Because even with walls or tables—

It takes a turn to walk away.

It takes a leap to leave;

It takes pulling of the knob to close door.

A period or a glyph to complete a thought. . .

A blowing of horn to undock and send off a ship. . .

A name below ‘Truly yours’ below God speed. . .

A lick to send an envelope away. . .

Attitude lovers call it ‘for old time sake’

‘That’s all!’

‘That’s it!’

A decent closure–that’s about it!

But it takes one last effort,

One that is sincere–

To have end

Meet peace.

Featured Song:

Too much, Too Little, Too Late
by Deniece Williams and John Mathis

(Videos courtesy of YouTube)

As Four Go By


Four feet:
Two smell brie,
Two smell malt.
They walk
Upon turquoise water,
Upon white sandy beach,
Upon emerald fields,
Upon umber hills.
Four arcs so warm
Turn earth to juniper and brown.

Four lips
Write story
After story
In brevity:
About a quest for sweet and glory,
About a quest of quivering bodies,
In a subtle case
Of an aggravated ache
By two notorious romantic
Over kisses so prolific.

Four ears
Turn exclusive;
So tune—
To racing heart beats,
To om,
To um,
To oh,
To ah, voila!
Grandpa! grandma!

Featured Song: As Time Goes By
by Frank Sinatra

Originally by Sam (Dooley Wilson)

(Videos courtesy of YouTube)



Sages Have Spoken


I am a thing. Though barely living. . .


The air

That I can never see

Does not make me folly.

Sages have spoken:

To make the most out of sun.

Do not be so into moon—

It is in and out too soon.

To pursue much

When there’s light;

To yield and rest

In the stillness of night.

The bright, longer, warmer days of summers

Will pass, even lovers do–

All head to the next chapter

When things are through.

Comes autumn; comes mellow.

There’s so much to learn

From the falling leaves

That put arts in their sorrow.

Then there’s winter,

A time to pull

And enjoy the best pajamas:

To tuck, cozy up, and wind down the dramas.

Alas, comes spring!

Oh the grandeur, earth endured:

Come forth the blossoms,

The buds, the green, the hope it brings!