Nature’s Moral Stories III

Grasses felt real;

Grasses were not supposed to feel.

Perhaps ‘Keep of the grass-’ not English enough.

Understable: Not all can read–

Feet can’t read.

Oak leaf in spring,

Oak leaf in autumn—

Are two different things:

One glows from freshness,

While one stuns in gold and being lifeless.

Pines defy coldness;

Pines defy years—

How could fine lines

Be so bothering?

To many, mirror is the scariest thing.

Fields are the arduous labor of men:

Fields to plow to feed themselves:

In sweat and tears to bring forth something,

Harvest to every table—

Is a noble thing.

Aldebaran speaks being insignificant to a larger whole—let it be known.

4 thoughts on “Nature’s Moral Stories III

  1. There is a great dichotomy between the seasons and nature ~ you capture this well with this poem, especially the ode to the leaf of spring & fall. My favorite line, “Feet can’t read” and I am happy for this as for me there is not a better feeling 🙂

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