To Have End Meet Peace

A song fades with a refrain; while

A novel concludes with a cursive ‘The End.’

A day is through with the sun going beneath that blazing orange and red horizontal line; while

A night retreats to the breaking of dawn marked by the same colors but tamed and in vertical upward rays.

Some say a prayer; while

Some raise a toast.

Curtains go down; while

Hands raise to clap for a good show.

Waves of goodbye may be seen as redundant gestures; while

Kisses may appear as a conjecture.

But comes the end, is end–

The broken needs to mend.

Because even with walls or tables—

It takes a turn to walk away.

It takes a leap to leave;

It takes pulling of the knob to close door.

A period or a glyph to complete a thought. . .

A blowing of horn to undock and send off a ship. . .

A name below ‘Truly yours’ below God speed. . .

A lick to send an envelope away. . .

Attitude lovers call it ‘for old time sake’

‘That’s all!’

‘That’s it!’

A decent closure–that’s about it!

But it takes one last effort,

One that is sincere–

To have end

Meet peace.

Featured Song:

Too much, Too Little, Too Late
by Deniece Williams and John Mathis

(Videos courtesy of YouTube)

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