With Fear,


I can never be somebody–not even a germ.

I can always be under anybody–unworthy of nobody.

A dust can bury me alive.

A gasp can blow me and strip me of dignity.

Casper can question my character.

Poltergeist can mock my existence.

A tear can wash away my dreams.

A frown can bring me to my knees.

Fear is. . .

. . . the smith of our Pinocchio lives perfect-fitting caskets to our own demise.

. . . the root of all hate.

The father of all evils. . .

The mother of all falterings. . .

. . . making peace impossible. . .

. . . making love fail. . .

. . . the worst disease of our minds;

. . . the very norm in the wilds.

Fear is the only enemy of mankind.

World could have been a better place,

If only fear didn’t get in our ways.