‘Til the End

Til the End.3

Like the grandeur of green
In spring;

Like the warmth of sun
In summer;

Like the crisp scent of pine
In winter,

Fill my senses
Until the end.

Like dainty drops of dew
In mornings;

Like striking blaze of horizons
In sunsets;

Like shimmering blings of stars
In evenings;

Own my all
Like there’s no end.

Like salt and sands
To the “blue ocean;”

Like waves and ripples
To the shore;

Like currents and rapids
To the river;

Fill my senses

And own my all,

And don’t let this end.

Recommended Song:

Annie’s Song
by John Denver

38 thoughts on “‘Til the End

      • Hahahaha… well.. I’m sure there are some guys out there who might like to be by my side… but for now.. just me.. 😀 Hahahah.. you really cheered me up… I’ve been feeling SUPER low as I involuntarily resigned from my job on July 16th and have been super depressed since as I’ve had no job leads and super worried about money… but somehow.. hearing your voice through your words, makes me feel like everything will be okay…. thank you……


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