A Writer’s Creed


I am a writer
and this is my creed:

I vow to read
to empower myself
with knowledge
and information.

I vow to speak
in written words,
and as fearlessly as possible.

I vow to scribble
with honesty,
vigor and style;
and, as succinctly as I can.

I vow to strive
for excellence;
making every page,
every line,
every word,
and every punctuation matters.

Above all,
I vow never to plagiarise
and steal my fellows’ words
not only because it is ill,
but it is a disgrace to my profession;
a blasphemy to this vocation;
and the worst,
despicable deceit against my readers.

For although
I can’t see them,
I know in my heart
those kind souls exist;
somewhere out there,
they are reading my lines,
and smiling each time I soulfully write.

I am a writer,
and this is my creed:

I vow
to cherish this writing
I call blessing,
and beyond.

And may God bless me
each time I write.

31 thoughts on “A Writer’s Creed

        • I know. This is not the first time he did it too. And he did it to other bloggers as well. I don’t know how anyone could do that over and over again. There’s a reblog option, or he could use quotation marks. Because to claim someone’s words are yours, I think that’s really despicable beyond words. Thanks again.


          • Great point! And if not the re-blog option, then at least ppl can post a link with the words “originally posted here” or something! It’s not like it’s that hard. I can’t believe wordpress doesn’t have anything against this in their terms of service or whatever.


  1. Great poem! It’s something all true writers & artists should follow and live by, I know I do. I’ve never had my work knowingly stolen from me but I am terrified that someday it might be. Thanks again for putting it in words 🙂


    • Hi! Thanks for passing by. To be honest, if I use others’ words, even just in my poems, I use quotation marks to acknowledge the words aren’t mine. He had done it to me several times, and only now I’m reacting, because he’s too much already.

      Nonetheless, thank you for your input, and for your understanding as well. God bless!


      • I totally agree with you about the air quotes or just something! I like link backs personally or even just the reblogging button, it’s great! Its actually ironic that I found this entry through a reblog so for that it’s great~! 😀

        And don’t worry, you are totally not overreacting! I completely get it. If I found someone was claiming my own writing… or anything really, as their own, I would not be very calm about it, especially if they had done it more than once lol. It actually takes a lot of maturity that you have to sit back and not lash out. At least this way you are creatively proving you are the better person (and writer) like.. “Ha! I take your stupid plagerism and use it against you by creating more art!” 🙂


  2. I can’t believe someone would plagiarize. It is so low and shows a lack of competence for one’s own work. Love your creed by the way!


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