A Writer’s Creed


I am a writer
and this is my creed:

I vow to read
to empower myself
with knowledge
and information.

I vow to speak
in written words,
and as fearlessly as possible.

I vow to scribble
with honesty,
vigor and style;
and, as succinctly as I can.

I vow to strive
for excellence;
making every page,
every line,
every word,
and every punctuation matters.

Above all,
I vow never to plagiarise
and steal my fellows’ words
not only because it is ill,
but it is a disgrace to my profession;
a blasphemy to this vocation;
and the worst,
despicable deceit against my readers.

For although
I can’t see them,
I know in my heart
those kind souls exist;
somewhere out there,
they are reading my lines,
and smiling each time I soulfully write.

I am a writer,
and this is my creed:

I vow
to cherish this writing
I call blessing,
and beyond.

And may God bless me
each time I write.


Earth’s Greatest Legacy



In the vast savanna of Africa,
I came to life.
But unlike my cousins,
who lived million years
before me,
I did not inhabit the trees.

I hunted and joined gatherers,
so I may live.
I roamed and thrived in Africa,
and colonized
all corners of the world
through persistence hunting
and the agility
of my bipedal feet.

I survived wilderness
through the culture
more powerful than the blood
running in my stream.

A victim of melting ice
and rising sea levels,
I had to walk and walk
as a nomad,
until I found the rich soils
to plant the foods
I needed for heat.

Though constantly bullied
by climate change,
I knew:
No matter what,
I should be the guardian
of nature,
or a loyal friend at least,
but never as an enemy.

Tricked by the worldly side of me,
I was once a slave
of my whims and needs.

A prisoner of material possessions
and temporal needs,
I hurt Mother Earth
and compromised my life
and all lives
just to live.

Guilty as charged,
and stricken by greed,
I am responsible
for the evil profusion of CO2,
Misuse and abuse of chemicals
and GMO too.

I am what I am.
But I can overcome my flaws;
and, still be the best
that I can be. . .

For amid it all,
I still can mend
the wounds
I cause this world,
for I am endowed
by knowledge and wisdom,
and this power
right at my finger tips.

To heal myself,
this world
and the universe
from all iniquities,
is now
my utmost priority.

I am
Homo sapien
to scientists;
a man
to many;
I am Earth’s
greatest legacy,
and I will always be