Not Even Mona Lisa


The sacred rendezvous
of the sun and moon
in the velvet purple sky above,

is reflected
by the red orange
streaks of horizon,

tenderly caressing below
the pristine green waters
of the Marianas,

where dolphins and blue whales
are having
the best dance of their lives,

while the pink mermaids
are joyously singing
for the heavenly union,

by the brightest stars,
and the whitest sands–

that, my sweetest,
is the portrait of this beautiful thing
we carry in our hearts.

Not even Michael Angelo could paint it;
For not even Mona Lisa
could come close. . .

Lovers 062714


8 thoughts on “Not Even Mona Lisa

  1. Your heart and spirit is so wonderfully alive…your happiness shares it special joy…it makes my heart dance vibrantly! I have missed your words that last two weeks…but you have proven to be extraordinary beautiful with what you share! Mahalo!


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