The Locket




nor days

can never steal

the locket

our hearts

etched yesterday.


our feet

may walk away


but deep within

the locket stays.

To open,

we would have to

close our eyes,

and let our hearts

find their way.

Featured Song:

Hallmark Memories

YouTube/’Hallmark Memories’


This Deep Thing


If you can measure
How big and deep the Pacific ocean is;
How big and deep the Arctic ocean is;
How big and deep the Indian ocean is;
The Southern,
The Mariana,
And the Atlantic,
And add their figures–
Add the ones that are yet to discover–
Add them altogether–
If you can,
If can
Then you probably know
How big and deep
Is my love for you. . .

No matter how your numbers sum up to;
No matter how doubts may deceive you
Not all love remains this true!

Featured Song:

How Deep Is Your Love
(Courtesy of YouTube)

I Love You All the Way


With the entirety of my being:
from the innermost core of my heart;
to the very depth of my soul;
amidst dire barricades,
despite grand walls,
inspite of any given facts,
regardless of screaming differences,
notwithstanding what will come along,
be in hell or in high waters,
I love you.
I will always love you,
always, always will. . .

All the way.

Featured Song:

I love You All the Way

By Janie Frickie, 1978 (Courtesy of YouTube)

Sometime and Somewhere


Sometime and somewhere
They will meet again,
In a time and place
Where emotions will flow freely,
As three simple words
That two aching hearts long wish to utter
Can at last be spoken.

Sometime and somewhere
They will meet again,
In a time and place
Where two longing hands
Can finally hold each other
As the ticking of the clock
Go silent.

Sometime and somewhere,
They will meet again,
In a time and place
Where four eyes will finally meet
And see the skies,
And they will know:
That’s all that matters.

Recommended Song:


by Barbara Streisand

Still Falling


Love and relationship

Are two different things.

Ours? Yes, we’ve love.

Actually, we’ve love so deeply

That we forgot

To commit ourselves faithfully

To each other.

But relationship?

Forgive me,

It’s questionable.

Hampered by our past,

We both refused

To commit

To our love.

And that is

The saddest part of it.

You didn’t wrong me,

And I didn’t wrong you.

But we wronged our love.


It’s all water under the bridge.


We did manage to get by.


We even managed

To smile,

To laugh with others

As we head apart.

But every now and then,

A voice inside

Keeps confronting me:

“How could you?”

Because even now

We keep saying our love is gone,

Tears still fall

When I think of you.

Recommended Song:

Even Now

by Barry Manilow