Perhaps You Ought To Know



What does best means to you?
Is it something
That tickles your fancy?
A thing of beauty?
A head-turner who drives you crazy?

What does precious means to you?
Is it a hefty sum of money? Jewelries?
A mansion
At Hamptons maybe?
A Bentley?

What does forever means to you?
Is it a career?
A recognition?
An accolade
That brings you to the heights of ecstasy?

What does happiness means to you?

I wish I know. . .
Coz my eyes are burning
As I grapple with the answers.

And all I know:
Time is insensitive.
We’re always at its mercy.

But before you take that step
Out of the door;
Perhaps you ought to know.

What best means to me,
are the laughter and tears
we shed.

What precious means to me,
is that special thing
you gave me.

What forever means to me,
is this special thing
I have for you.

And what happiness means to me,
is you,
and only you.

For in my journey on earth,
The best walks were the ones
We had together. On roads and hills. . .
Though there were lots of climbing, still. . .


We stumbled on love.
We lingered on friendship.
And we gathered precious stones
Called memories along the way.


YouTube/Times of Your Life/Paul Anka/ Martin Nievera

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