Aloha e


I haven’t had the chance to get back at you due to a very demanding and sensitive work that I just started; but with such a good company though. With all honesty, I need this job to finish my baccalaureate degree; because there is a very slim chance of me securing a scholarship this time even if I’ve maintained the GPA requirements of the University of Hawai’i. Maybe it’s due to COVID? Or our beautiful state is running short on fundings? I don’t know. I am just so thankful for having this job. Although it’s what makes me fall short of my responsibilities to you and our dear community. Please bear with me.

In this regard, and in spirit of brotherhood and camaraderie, please allow me to thank you, dear fellows for your understanding; but most of all, mahalo for your amazing generosity and kindness. However, despite my shortcomings, please note that I am always deeply humbled by your support. And I am ever thankful for your presence here. Last, but not least, I highly regard and applaud all of you for keeping up with the demands of our passion even during this very critical and stressful time.

Regardless, If anyone questions, why acknowledging the efforts of our fellows is important? The answer is simple: We’re a community. Although virtual, we are viable to modern society. Because amid the challenges and limitations of the very young Internet; amid the invisible wall that may pose doubts on our authenticity–it doesn’t mean we’re insincere here. Truth is, we’re making a difference. Because in every blog; in every post—our personal touch is enclosed. And blogging is way beyond social networking. We speak before the World Wide Web even our innermost thoughts. I see it as a privilege. But we also share to the world our passion, our culture and language, our experiences and more. We’re vectors of goodwill. And as members, we all take part in strengthening our community.

With that being said, please allow me to acknowledge you in my humble way for all the great things you do. Thank you everyone! Without further ado, my heartfelt gratitude to the following:



Ane of Arta Si Natura

Angelilie of Voyage Onirique


Ashish of Proxy Words

Astijake John of Willing Yourself To Win

Bon Repos Gites of Bonjour from Brittany

Brad of Writing to Freedom

Charul Chandak

Chef V of inthenameofseitan

CherieWhite of Chateau Cherie

Cindy Knoke

Danaiana of D-ale copilăriei

Desiree B Silvage of Literary Thruce

Dreams and Reality

Era of The Hidden Soul

Esther H of Hortus Closus

Gayatribagayatkar of How To Teach a Difficult Child

Geena George of My Journey by Grace

GraceBailey1500 of Find Good Vibes

Ibonoco of News from Ibonoco

Ivon Prefontaine of Teacher the Transformer

Jacob of Jacob @ Books and Pixels

KK of Kaushal Kishore

Koh of K’ Clips

M. Zeeshan Horani

Marina Kanavaki

Melie of La Page @ Melie

Mizou of Pe Blogs

Mystic Dee of A Phoenix Rising

Ore De Drum

Paul Militaru

Penumbra of Prenumbra Haiku


Rachana of Rachana of Dhaka

Rekha of Ruhanii

Roy Lando of PeoPlaid

Sedge808 of Noir


Shashank Narayan of Thoughts of the Day

Simona of Pensieri Sparsi

Superonrub of Refugio Dos Moinhos

Sushma of Just My Thoughts

Yolanda of Yolanda – “Det här är mitt privata krig”

Thank you, WordPress!

Mahalo nui loa!


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