“COVID. . .”

Copyright belongs to Smithsonian

(Updated 10/28/2020, 23:52 HST)


The most notorious

And infamous virus replies and brags:

“I am here;

I am everywhere.

I deprive the living of normalcy;

I deprive the dying of dignified and meaningful goodbye.”

To show respect and humanity; is

To flash your ego down; and mask up!


“Host, more

Hosts is my mission.

The numbers speak of my notoriety;

The numbers speak of my infamy.

like it, or

like it not—

Only doctors and

Only scientists

Can tame me down;

Can take me down.


With an index finger up:





Frontline health workers, who

Day and night wear scrubs–

I cannot undermine the doses of hope they bring.

I cannot take out of sight their overwhelming multi-tasking–

Hanging on to faith.

Guided by their formidable;

Guided by their knowledgeable,

Unwavering Surrogates–

Unwaveringly, they are trying

With all their might;

With all their hearts and souls, . . .

Their own lives–to save lives.”


Putting that index finger onto the temple:

“To deny me, is

To deny people

Of safety;

Of lives and livelihood.

And so, I thrive.”

And so, stop the lies.

Hypocrisy is as contagious.

Hypocrite is as dangerous.

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