The old adage bears
not a single gray hair:

Comes existence,
comes reason.
Just be present
in every season.

Sometimes season’s a friend;
Sometimes a nemesis,
for even love is at the mercy
of hours and minutes.

Though often pictured with pitchforks,
no faculty
can out strength
the lessons of adversities.

Though we chose
to walk in separate paths,
in truth, success or not–what we had
made us better people. . .

So head straight.
So love with no remorse,
no fear,
nor second thought. . .

And I will just look at the stars thinking of you a little,
perhaps hoping you’re looking
up and thinking of me too a little .

Then I inhale the universe.
I am beholden.
I am thankful;
for the very wonderful gift of you.

Thank you!

YouTube/Night Bird/Kalapana

2 thoughts on “Sincerely

    • The most important element of writing non-fiction, is truth, Brad. Maybe I’m finding ways to say it in creative ways; but still, it’s the truth that’s in it that brings life to it.

      Many thanks, Brad. Blessings.

      Liked by 1 person

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