Covid’s Silver Linings

Summer is just around the corner. And this provides us hope that dramatically, the horrific tolls of Corona virus would soon go down even in the absence (yet) of cure and vaccine. In exhibit of that hope, here in the United States, all fifty states have just reopened economies. Although there are modifications in the way to do business; bottom line, many are back in business. Sure, we feel and think adversely of the Corona virus considering the precious lives we lost and its “whips and beatings” to economies worldwide. However, given its magnitude and impact, it is fair to consider the lessons we learned out of this modern-day contagion and its silver linings–to make good out of this. With that being said, please allow me to share some of them below.

Our lives are intertwined.
Amid geographical distances and our countless differences, such as races, colors, religions, sexual orientations, and forms of government—take it or leave it: We are very much connected. In fact, the virus spread in all continents; and every nation is measuring morbidity and mortality to date.

Our bodies are subject to frail immunities.
From our elders, to the physically challenged, to our youngsters: Corona virus did not make any exemption.For example, just the other night, the CBS’s evening news with Norah O’Donnell featured a Caucasian male nurse who use to looked like a body builder and ended coming fresh from famine.

Our homes are the safest place to be.
We were reminded that the roofs-over-our-heads do provide both shelter and refuge. Because it was through Covid-19 and stay-home-orders that we were able to bond with our families while keeping ourselves safe. Also, personally speaking, it was a joy to see moms-and-daughters, fathers-and-sons, families are doing all hilarious things on Tiktok all for fun during lockdowns.

Our governments are in-charged.
Although it is empirical to heed to our authorities; In return, our respective governments must fully, responsibly and efficiently take charge during the crisis. Because in reality, no one–can man—a menace—of global scale—such as Covid-19–solely on its own. The greatest attestation to this was the case of late Chinese doctor who discovered the virus, Li Wenliang, MD who was allegedly threatened and tried to silence by his government. Regardless, of the truth, may he rest in peace.

Our health workers are heroes.
That doing something heroic is not limited to grabbing guns and rifles and to exchange fires in fight for glories. For in this trying time, our health workers are the new heroes. We hardly appreciate them in the past. It’s not only in this pandemic that they put aside their own lives to save lives. They truly deserve more than our appreciation.

We can slow down climate change.
Another Covid’s silver linings: With clear skies and less cars on the roads, of course, carbon emissions turn low. And although, it is not enough to make an ambitious claim that climate change is halted—it shows that we are capable of solutions.

Internet is a gift to humanity.
Also, now more than ever, we should appreciate the International Network. Because during this pandemic, we get things done through the help of Internet.

Seriously and lastly, though our battle with Covid-19 is very much far from over, we should give ourselves credit for coming together and for doing our best to control its menacing. We should all treasure the lessons we learned this Spring of2020. Let us put them to meaningful use. Take for example, through social distancing: We learned unnecessary touches are quite often unnecessary. Another one: Indeed, health is wealth. And part of it is good hygiene too, such as regular hand washing, which should not be optional—because it can even be lifesaving. Furthermore, on health, we must strengthen our immunities.

On traveling, we have been up in the air at the expense of Mother Earth, when we can experience and learn culture and even do commerce through the many inexpensive ways of the Internet.

Finally, we, the ever profound humanity, have battled and championed leprosy, smallpox,tuberculosis,and many more other outbreaks through resilience and relentless pursuit for cure. And we are doing it again. We just have to be confident of its feasibility. For today, we are more geared and able though the help of sophisticated technology and not to mention, many brilliant minds with wand like fingers.

Most importantly, we should not doubt that this too will pass. For now, we just have to take care of ourselves and each others. And, believe that we will get through this.

Stay safe everyone. I love you guys! Thank you for all your support. I am always humbled.

To God be all the glory! Aloha kakou.

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